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  • Uses of Telecommunication

    The use of telecommunication has not only made it easy for friends and family to keep in touch but also helped businesses to meet a bigger part of their communication and security needs.
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    A virtual meeting is a meeting held digitally. There is no physical infrastructure and the participants of the meeting are not physically present with one another. Here we will give you more information about virtual business meetings.
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    The article describes the Skype conference call disadvantages and its top five alternatives for conference call.
  • Top 10 best alternatives to Lync conference call 2019

    The article introduces top 10 best alternatives to Lync conference call 2019 including ezTalks, Google Hangouts, Talky, Appear.in, Viber, Join.me, TrueConf, FaceTime, Voxox and FreeConference.
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    Zoom Conference Call is one of the companies that provide conference call services to customers. There are some alternatives to Zoom including ezTalks Meetings, Skype, AT&T, GoToMeeting and WhatsApp.
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    Cloud meeting helps to save cost and time for business and provides convenience for attendees. In the following, we will introduce 6 best cloud meeting software in the market.
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    Here, you can find the free interactive learning software that offer great features for your every need of conducting online learning seminars.
  • Benefits of Distance Learning

    Distance learning can truly be defined as the way of getting education without visiting a school or attending a class physically. Knowing the benefits of distance learning can help you know it better.
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    eLearning can be used for education in the current society, which have multiple advantages for students and teachers. Here we are going to introduce you how beneficial eLearning has proven to be.
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  • Difference Between e-Learning and Online Learning

    Some of the modern options of learning include e-Learning, online learning, distance learning, blended learning, digital learning and virtual learning along with class room learning. Through this write-up, we are trying to understand the difference in the
  • How to Share Computer Screen

    You can share computer screen with a number of people at a time while communicating with them with the help of instant messaging tools. Here we’d like to show you how to share computer screen with several tools.
  • 6 Free Software to Share Your Desktop

    Although there exist plenty of such resources out there, we have mentioned only the 6 best free share desktop software.
  • 5 Best Free Screen Sharing Tools

    There are many tools to share the screens online and each has its own characteristics. In this article, we will tell about the 5 best free screen sharing tools in the market.
  • 7 Best Desktop Screen Sharing Software

    There are several software options that allow you to share desktop screen. Most of them have similar but unique features. Here are the 7 best desktop screen sharing software among them.
  • Four Programs for Free Desktop Sharing

    Free desktop sharing programs help save time and money, and also create a conducive environment for employers to make quick judgments without any misunderstanding.
  • Top 5 Online Screen Sharing Tools

    Now that you know how beneficial screen sharing online can prove to be, let us also learn about the top 5 online screen sharing tools that you can choose from.
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    this article is to introduce the 5 alternatives to hangout dialer including skype, ezTalks, zoom, whatsapp and google hangouts
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    this article is to introduce the steps to make Skype calls with multiple people and also explain ezTalks Meetings as the alternative to hold video conferencing calls.
  • 5 Best Conference Room Phones for Small to Medium Rooms

    This article is to introduce the top 5 best conference room phones for small to medium rooms and emphasize on ezTalks T-Voice 100.
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    Whether the automated webinar performance can achieve the desired result largely depends on what automated webinar system you have chosen. This article will give you a list of the best automated webinar systems and briefly analyze the reasons for choosing
  • Top 8 Automated Webinar Generator in 2019

    Nowadays, the emerge of automated webinar generators in 2019 constantly simplifies the way to communicate. This article will introduce the top 8 automated webinar generator platforms that you can benefit greatly.
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    Are you on the lookout for suitable alternatives to Zoom Video Webinar? This article is to introduce the 6 best alternatives to Zoom Webinar including ezTalks Webinar, Skype for Business, GoToWebinar, Google Hangouts, Livestorm and BlueJeans.
  • 7 Best Virtual Event Software

    Virtual events involve interacting people in a common virtual environment on the internet, bringing more convenience and flexibility. This article will introduce what are virtual events briefly and show you 7 best virtual event software.
  • Top 6 iLinc Alternatives 2019

    The article introduces iLinc Webinar review briefly and recommends top 6 iLinc alternatives including ezTalks Webinar, WebinarJam, Join.me, Skype for Business, WebEx and Adobe Connect.
  • The Best Webinar Microphone Kit You Won’t Miss for Your Live Events

    There are huge lists of webinar etiquette illustrating the steps or tips in an attempt of satisfactory webinar performance. On the top of that, the high-quality equipment is the essential and fundamental for all good events. Below we list the webinar micr
  • Top 5 Affordable Webinar Software

    Webinar software is widely used as an excellent tool that connects your prospects, partners and colleagues from all around the world. Here are top 5 reliable yet affordable webinar software recommended including ezTalks Webinar.
  • 5 Types of Webinars You Can Host

    It is easy for uses to attend or host a webinar. But what are the types of webinars? Depending on the way you format your platform and the purpose of the webinar, there are several types of webinars.
  • Top 5 Video Webinar Software

    Video webinar services offer different services at different rates. You can select any of these video webinars depending on what you are looking for, the number of participants you expect to have and other factors.
  • Top 10 Webinar Software Introduction

    Here I am going to introduce you with 10 of the top software for webinars, and you can choose one that suits best for your needs.
  • 5 Best Business Communication Apps

    To improve business communication, you just need to ask help from business communication apps. Here we have done all the legwork and share with you five best ones.
  • 6 Platforms for Free Teleconference Calls

    Out of many options available that provides free teleconference calls, it is important to select the right platform which offers the desired features and fulfills all the needs of the business. Here are six best platforms for free teleconferencing calling
  • 5 Best Teleconference Software

    These impressive video teleconference software are almost as good as face-to-face meetings. The following is a comprehensive review of the best software for teleconference that is recommended to you.
  • Best Huddle Room Equipment List 2019

    A huddle room, a small conference area, has numerous benefits including offering a flexible communication system and reduced up-front performances expenses. In order to prevent you from experiencing the difficulties associated with choosing the best huddl