Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Communication

Technology has changed the way we communicate in so many ways. It has also changed the way people conduct business, and the manner we conduct our personal and social lives. We can easily text, talk and email through a link to anyone all over the world. In fact, it is now possible to visit any part of the world virtually. The education sector has also improved significantly because it is now possible to acquire a degree from any institution all over the world if you have a computer and internet connection.

On the other hand, internet communication has created numerous problems that appear to increase as the technology advances. The list of advantages and disadvantages of internet communication can be endless, it all depends on the track you choose to it. For example, you must be cautious on how and who you give your personal information. You should also question the sources of your information to determine whether it is the truth or not.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of internet communication?

Advantages of Internet Communication:

1. Speed and time

Through internet communication, time and money are saved. This is because it is much cheaper and quicker to transfer information around. It also becomes faster and efficient to contact a business partner or a relative. We can now communicate with anyone around the world through emails and text messages instantly. The internet has also provided face-to-face communication, thanks to Skype, social media sites, video conferencing, and many other ways offered by communication companies.

2. Job creation

One major advantage of internet communication is the creation of new and exciting jobs. System analysts, computer programmers, web designers, hardware and software developers and many other new opportunities created by information communication technology (ICT).

3. Globalization

The internet has indeed brought people closer, and also helped in economic growth. It has also brought down geographical and language boundaries. The universe has become a global village due to information technology, permitting countries such as such as Japan and Ireland who are separated by language and distance, share information and ideas with one another.

4. Cost effective

It is so cheap to send an email to another country than making a phone call. The internet has also helped to systematize business practices helping businesses to cut cost. That's why businesses send cold emails to their prospects which allows businesses to directly reach potential customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. It opens up new opportunities for lead generation and sales at a fraction of the cost of other marketing methods.

5. Improve education sector

The internet has made it possible for numerous computer programs to be shared with different generations in different parts of the world. Important information such health, business and environment facts are easily available to any person with an internet connection.

6. More business opportunities

Information communication technology (ICT) has made it easier for businesses to be automated allowing customers to contact them 24/7. This means that a company can be opened anywhere, anytime, allowing clients to make purchases from different countries. This makes business easier and more convenient. For example, the use of ezTalks has helped many businesses work together instant and simultaneously. Companies using ezTalks are able to share and access large files without delays, get updates in real time, and ensure every staff participation no matter where they are or at what time.

7. Eliminates the cultural gap

The internet has helped to bridge the gap. People from different nations can easily communicate with each other, allowing the exchange of ideas and views.

Disadvantages of Internet Communication:

1. Unemployment

Even though the internet has improved many sectors, it has resulted in job unemployment through outsourcing, downsizing, and redundancies. For example, a factory can replace skilled personnel with robots which can work faster and for longer hours.

2. Privacy

Although the internet has made communication easier, quicker and convenient, privacy problems have emerged. From email hacking to phone signal interceptions, more and more people are now troubled about their private information.

3. Lack of job security

Since technology keeps on changing, job security has become a problem. This means that IT experts need to be continuously learning to keep up with the changes if they want to retain their jobs.

4. Overruling cultures

While the internet has made the universe a global village, some cultures have consumed others. For instance, teenagers in western countries have influenced most teenagers in other parts of the world on how they dress, act and behave.


So, although the internet has definitely made our lives better, it also has the power to cause mayhem. Its impact on a society or a company is mostly felt by the choices we make while using it. But with wise use, we can be able to reap the benefits, and avoid many of its disadvantages.