Top 5 Internal Communications Apps

Internal communication apps are developed to ease internal communication. Some companies have developed mobile phone applications to help employees and clients access the company easily. There are many software developing companies that compile activities of a company in one application. The application contains various links that can direct a client to the company's websites.

The employees and any other person interested are required to download the application in their phones. This is the easiest internal communication tool that ensures people can access a company by using their mobile phones. Here are the best 5 internal communications apps that you can rely on.

1. ezTalks Meetings

This is one of the best internal communications apps that supports video conference hosted and attended by up to 10000 people. This program also allows screen and interactive whiteboard sharing remotely on computers and mobile phones. It is a powerful app as it provides high definition video conference, webinar, online training, telemedicine and more. Irrespective of the device being used, the participants can access video and audio conference on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices. As a meeting organizer, you can choose to use whole screens or choose to just show a specific app depending on strength of the screen or application sharing features. This is one of the pioneers of modern video technology.

It offers first rate video that is quality and acceptable. It has a wireless screen sharing experience across all operating systems. This makes it possible for you to connect to anyone at anytime without missing meetings by using ezTalks Meetings installed on your mobile phone or computer. Here are some of the major reasons why it is preferred:

• It is easy to join and work with as the program has a little to ask with only one click.
• Provide you with very high video resolution, up to 720p-1080p.
• Whiteboard and screen sharing option are available.
• It has a public and a private chat where participants can chat instantly.
• It has a remote control which offers support to other attendees when need be.
• Offer easy meeting management, including meeting scheduling, meeting hosting and meeting recording.


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2. Slack

This is one of the most loved mobile applications for internal communications by most of its users. It allows you to chat and exchange various documents with colleagues, clients, partners and more. It requires you to join an already existing group or create a new group where you can communicate. It also allows to form small groups within the bigger group and discuss your related issues.

With its help, it can allow you to hold public conversations that can be seen by everybody logged in. It is also possible to create private conversations within the same group. It is an enjoyable application with various activities. It has been established to be an important internal communication app in some organizations. It comprises of various company blogs about its operation and activities.

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3. Skype

This is one of the most common internal communication apps in many organizations. It is easy to obtain it as it is freely downloaded in most of the online stores. It requires you to create an account of operation. It comprises of video conferencing services that are of good quality. It also allows online calls across the whole world.

You only needs a good Internet connection to be able use Skype. Skype released Skype for Business platform in 2015 to enhance business in various companies that may be in need of online communication system. Skype for Business provides you with the following services: integrated office Apps, online meetings among others.

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4. Yammer

This is one of the excellent app for internal communication. It offers services like: document collaboration, file sharing, single inbox and context based sharing. It is an important app that ensures workers are linked together and work from different localities. It can easily be linked with Microsoft products. There are many applications that you can chose from but this is one of the coolest to work with. Many users compliment of the good services they get from this application.

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5. StaffConnect

This is a highly professional internal communication app. It was developed to assist workers interactions at different localities. It allows people to work in different parts of the world to come together to achieve a common goal. It allows people to share images, videos, information, news and updates among other services by its two-way dialogues. It enables people to promote their events offline by linking the required pages. It was specially designed to fit workers of a particular organization. It has created a worker interaction like no other application has. It is a work friendly application.

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It is now possible to communicate and do a lot of work by using a mobile phone. Modern mobile phone allows installations of applications that can assist a person in his or her day-today activities. With the latest technologies it is possible to report to work by using a mobile phone. There are various internal communication apps that have been made that can ensure a person can work from home. Mobile phones have indeed eased ways of doing things.