7 Best Desktop Screen Sharing Software

A screen share software allows you to share your desktop screen with your clients, colleagues, and others to show them whatever you have on the screen of your desktop or mobile computing devices including documents, websites, videos, audios, presentations, and photos etc. Moreover, it also allows your clients and colleagues to see whatever happens on your desktop screen whether it is an interaction or an activity like opening or moving files and typing a document etc.

The desktop screen sharing software options that allow you to share screen do not allow you to share the live audios and video of the surroundings of the host or the other participants as can be done with video conferencing software options.

There are several software options that allow you to share desktop screen. Most of them have similar but unique features. You should have brief information of some of the best software options that can allow you to share the screen of your desktop easily and effectively.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

It is a wonderful video conferencing software that also allows the users to share desktop screen between up to 100 participants in its free plan. But if you want to share it with up to 500 participants then you will have to use its paid version. It also allows you to draw raw ideas on its interactive whiteboard, make notes, record and playback the meetings and send messages instantly to the groups along with sharing screen of your desktop.

eztalks cloud meeting

2. ScreenLeap

You can use this desktop screen sharing software without creating logins or downloading it. You only have to the company website to click on ‘Share Screen Option’ button. It is supported by most of the browsers and can be accessed through the devices of any type. The developers can use the ScreenLeap API to add the feature of instant screen sharing in their websites. It allows you to share the screen of your computer with up to 8 participants through its free plan whereas its paid plan allows you to share screen with several more people along with enjoying other features also.


3. Join.me

The free plan of this screen sharing software allows you to make VoIP calls and provide email support along with share desktop screen with up to 10 participants for a limited period of 14 days. the paid plans of this software allow you to share your desktop screen with 50-250 participants along with enjoying various other features like 5GB to 5TB storage space together with basic feature offered in its free plan.


4. Skype

Since the inception of this communication software, it offers various types of communication facilities like video calling between various groups and individuals. Now it can also be used to share desktop screen between the people you are communicating with through its unique screen sharing feature. You can share your desktop screen even during a call just by clicking on the Share Screen button on your computer screen after downloading it. Thus you can use this software to share information and data between your family, friends, associates, and colleagues even while talking with them on a long distance call.


5. Fuze

This desktop screen sharing software allows you to share information with up to 25 participants in its free plan. Audio conferencing using VoIP, 12 simultaneous HD feeds, 1 GB free cloud storage space and applications and desktop sharing are the other features available in the free plan of this software. But its free plan does not allow the users to record meetings. However, you can avail this facility if you subscribe it on monthly basis.


6. GoToMeeting

This screen sharing software does not allow to share desktop screen free of cost. While using this software you neither have to create logins nor download its applications. You only have to visit the website of the company to click on‘Get started’option. You will immediately enter a meeting room with a link to invite other participants of the meeting. You can then use chrome to share your desktop screen along with presentations and documents with other participants. You will have to subscribe it to use its other features. 


7. TeamViewer

It is one of the most powerful and easily available tools that can be used to share computer screens. This screen sharing software offers desktop screen sharing facility online free of cost by connecting with remotely placed computers. Along with sharing computer screens this software also allows you to attend online meetings and conferences as well as controlling the settings of a remote computer. You can use it free for your personal use but if you want to use it for commercial purpose then you will have to use its paid version.


Thus, a screen sharing software provides you a platform where you can hold virtual meetings with your colleagues and clients instantly in a faster and easier manner. These software options are ideal for organizing conferences, attending training programs and providing support in remote area without moving out of your comfort zone. The information provided in this write-up can help you in choosing a suitable software to share desktop screen.