How to Fix Skype Screen Sharing Not Working Issue

Best Screen Sharing Software

  • Easy to Invite Viwers
  • Fast & Smooth Screen Sharing
  • Screen Sharing and Annotation
  • Whiteboard and File Sharing
  • Presenter Swap

No matter ezTalks or Skype, I must say that screen sharing is very beneficial for users as they will be able to share their desktop's or tablet's screen concerning displaying of presentation, or whether you want to show your photos without sharing.

3 Screen Sharing Software Recommend:

ezTalks provides free screen sharing services and allows 100 viewers to conduct or join the screen sharing process. 

★ Powerful Screen Sharing:
- You can share screens, share content on your desktop, share interactive whiteboards for co-annotation and even give or get remote control.
- You can share their computer screens withall the viewers or only the selected viewers. 
- When sharing, you can also do text messaging, record the whole or part mirroring session and save as audio or video files for future playback.
- ezTalks will enhance your sharing data protection with 256-bit TLS encryption.
- Its HD video and crystal clear voice make the whole screen sharing much more efficient and clear.

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2. Team Viewer

Team Viewer is a Web program that empowers customers to connect with each other's PCs, by methods for web, and control his/her screen. Amass Viewer also gives more segments, for instance, video calling and voice transmission. In addition, this program empowers customers to trade records beginning with one PC then onto the following. Other than that, this program empowers the customer to demonstrate his/her screen to the following customer, and for example reveal how to make a WordPress blog or a Facebook account, or maybe display his/her aptitudes in photo changing.

3. Mikogo

The feature in this screen sharing application is its browser based tool. This tool has been used to conduct online meetings making MIKOGO one of the best screens sharing application. Some of its other features are high quality VOIP service, access to keyboard and mouse by the users, ability to switch screen sharing from one person to another, option to schedule your sessions and also to document your meetings.

Why Not Skype?

Skype is a VoIP advantage, which uses the Internet to empower people to make and get free voice and video conference calls online to no end or for terrible. VoIP has in the midst of the earlier decade shown to the best way to deal with communicators industry gauges to go around the exorbitant PSTN and cell orchestrates and make worldwide calls in vain or shabby. Skype is the application and organization that has made the world consider it. Day by day Skype application is extending its features to attract their customers.

But when I researched about Skype screen sharing, I came to know that many people are facing issue of Skype screen sharing not working properly. The core of problem "Skype Screen Sharing doesnt work" is different PC's having different versions of Skype. Most of the business professionals has highly recommended Skype screen sharing for their business purposes, but on other end we see the problem of screen sharing not working properly. I have looked for some of the solutions to this problem of screen sharing.

Various Skype customers are also at this situation since they don't know how to solve ordinary Skype sharing screen not working. This is an obvious necessity perused if you are going through a comparable trouble. So with no further ado, I will provide a clear "Issue/Solution" table that will fill in as your manual for settling these issues. Of course, you can choose the Skype alternatives as well.

Main Solutions to Fix Skype Screen Sharing Not Working:

Solution 1: To begin with thing's first: If you can't interface or utilize a particular Skype include, check for the Skype Heartbeat page. You can get to this page by tapping the Help menu in Skype and choosing Heartbeat (Skype Status), or by simply accessing the URL in your web program.

Heartbeat page advises you of Skype's framework status– if there are any issues with Skype's foundation, you'll see them here. In the event that there is an issue, sit tight for Skype to fix it and take a stab at associating later.

Solution 2: Guarantee that you are using the Skype's latest version that supports screen sharing. Furthermore, it is in like manner basic that the other party is moreover using the latest Skype, or otherwise it is senseless to have a go at doing it.

Solution 3: Maybe you are not in either a video call or a voice call. Remember that "screen sharing" catch just winds up recognizably intuitive when you are in a call. If the screen sharing decisions are turned dark out, it just means you're not in a voice or video call. On occasion, Skype screen sharing may truly work without satisfactory hardware, however the result is ordinarily unpleasant playbacks, a reshaped screen and predictable hardening. In case these signs are dependable when you screen-share, notwithstanding all that you'll need to upgrade your gear to improve the experience. If you don't fathom what your framework affiliation speed is, contact your Internet expert center for that information.

Solution 4: Some of the time, the Skype screen sharing issues are in actuality on your contact's end. In the event that you're using a more up and coming type of Skype and your contact is using a more prepared variation that doesn't support screen sharing, it won't work. Since a snappy and compelling framework affiliation is required to screen share, the component won't work if your contact is not using a framework affiliation that meets the base exchange and download transmission limit speeds. Before screen sharing, constantly check with your contact to choose whether he's fit for using the component. In the event that you're using conflicting variations of Skype, ask for that he present the latest shape so you both can value the focal points that went with screen sharing.

Solution 5: On Skype application, you can confer the screen to one individual to no end. In any case, Skype Premium, a paid participation, is required for social event bestowing to no less than two people. Accumulate calling and screen sharing won't work without a predominant participation. If you have to social occasion call and offer your screen with various contacts, consider climbing to one of Skype's various extraordinary enrollment organizes.