What Is Distance Learning?

It is essential to understand the true definition of distance learning before enrolling for a course and therefore we are going to define distance learning in the best possible way. Undergoing education without going to the school and course material being delivered by mail was always an option in the recent past; however, it was not much popular at the time. But with the advent of the Internet and the computer, everything was changed drastically. Because of the multimedia learning tools, email, video conferencing as well as interactive communication, distance learning has reached new height these days. As a matter of fact, there are more than 2 million students in the United States alone who are undergoing distance education.

distance learning

What is distance learning?

The meaning of distance learning is that students will be able to complete their entire course while staying at their home without needing to attend any type of campus-based education institution. These students will be communicating with their instructors by means of electronic forums, chat rooms, video conferencing, bulletin boards, email, instant messaging and other types of computer-based communication.

You will get the privilege of staying at your own residence and prepare yourself for a degree from any internationally recognized university. You will get the advantage of studying right beside your loved ones and also performing your daily chores at the same time.

This type of learning program exists for bachelor or undergraduate degrees and also Ph.D. programs or postgraduate degrees. It is advisable to verify the facilities offered in a particular institution before registering yourself. In fact, you won’t find too much difference between a distance learning degree and that offered by any other institution in your locality. However, communication will be taking place by means of visual and audio communication services such as Skype, ezTalks, and so on. As a matter of fact, a video conferencing application such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting will allow the instructors outside the classroom to interact with the students virtually while sharing their experiences and expertise along with them. This will provide the students with an entirely new learning experience which they will not be able to receive in any traditional classroom.

How long does a distance learning degree take?

Once the distance learning meaning is comprehended, we will focus on how much time is going to be required to obtain a distance learning degree. Here it can be mentioned that this is going to depend entirely on that particular degree. The majority of the programs are going to provide a stipulated period of time within which the course has to be completed. Consequently, make it a point to verify this prior to enrolling yourself for any particular distance online learning program.

Students who have a fairly good idea regarding the project they would like to undertake but are unable to attend their educational institution in their own locality because of some commitments will definitely find distance education to be a flexible and lucrative alternative. Also, it is important to remember that every institution has its own sets of regulations regarding admission to the different courses as well as the tuition fees. Some of these institutions will provide you with the opportunity of coming face to face with certain aspects of the particular distance learning program as well. For instance, residential schools, a yearly visit to the institution and face-to-face tutorial programs are some of them.

What are the advantages of distance learning?

Distance learning will provide the students with a greater access to education. Those who do find it difficult to attend any traditional institution because of any physical disability or some other reason will be able to use distance learning to further their studies.

In most cases, this type of education is more affordable. A considerable amount of money can be saved since traveling to any institution is not required.

The students will get the opportunity to study and also work simultaneously. They can even study as per their own schedules which can easily fit with their other commitments.

Students can also choose how much time to spend on each section of the course material. They will also be able to study at their own personal pace. They can also decide the amount of time to spend on a particular portion of their course material.

There will be the provision of choosing from a wide range of courses.

Distance learning will also help the students to develop their personal expertise. By studying at their own pace and schedule, they will be able to enhance their sense of obligation, self-discipline, independent thinking abilities and also time management.

There will be a lesser chance of getting distracted while undergoing any distance education course. This will help the students to stay focused.


Now that it is clear what is a distance learning, it is evident that distance learning is a fantastic option for any individual who likes to further his or her study without attending any traditional institution. However, there are also certain drawbacks when it comes to distance learning, for example, any disorderly and unmotivated student will not be able to use this type of education to their advantage. One must have a fairly good idea regarding what he or she is exactly doing and must be able to manage his or her time accordingly. Therefore, it is imperative to thoroughly understand the distance learning definition prior to deciding whether one should go for it or not.