How to Make Skype Calls with Multiple People?

Everyone loves gathering family and friends in the same place to catch up. Skype group video calling is available to everyone on mobile phones, tablets as well as computers for free. While at home or traveling, you can connect with your family and friends and share all the moments whether great or small as they take place.

Through group video calls, Skype users converse with one another real-time no matter where they are. This feature is useful for having meetings with associates from different parts of the world, or only talking with family when members are in other parts of the world. This group video call is only available on the Skype desktop version though it is free and stress-free to use.

How to Make a Skype Call with Multiple People

Step 1
Log in to your Skype account on your computer.
Tap on the blue “S” icon on the desktop of your computer to open the app then its original login screen will show. Key in your username as well as the password on the specific texts box and tap the sign in the key that appears on the window to login to your account.
If you do not own a Skype account, merely tap the “create an account” key on the page and put in your full name, your email address as well as your password to get your Skype account.

Step 2
After signing in to your account, you can begin to chat with friends and families. Tap the name of the person you wish to have a group call with. The contacts are on the left side of the page. This shows the conversation section at the middle of the app’s window where you will key in your text and converse with a person.

Step 3
Add more contacts to the chat.
Tap the (+) icon on the upper left part of the conversation section and select Add people from the list to open the Add people sub-page. Select the names of the persons you prefer to be in the group video call from the left section of the sub-page add people and tap the select key at the bottom to transfer the names to the correct part. After selecting the persons you wish to talk to, then tap the add key in the bottom right corner of the sub-page to finish the selection.

Step 4
After finishing step 3, tap the call key to start the video call. You can wait for each participant to answer their call. However, the group video call can commence if not every participant has responded to their call.

Step 5
When done conversing, you can end the call by just tapping the red phone image Skype screen lower part. Also, the person, who started the call, is the only one who can terminate it. If you are merely a partaker, if you end the call you will only disconnect yourself.

Cons of Skype Calls with Multiple People

One can only use Skype when there is a good internet connection. You cannot use Skype if you are not a voicemail subscriber.
Usually, Skype is free though if you wish to enjoy every feature, you are required to pay. You need Skype credits to make calls to phones as well as receive calls when there is no internet.
If you do not have good internet connections, you will use the videos as well as audio calls though it will be very slow.

A Better Alternative - ezTalks Meetings

Skype works fine if you are conversing with 4-5 participants through the group video calls. If you require chatting with a higher number of participants, maybe 20 or more, ezTalks Meetings is highly recommended. This is a proficient group video call solution for both start-ups and large enterprise. It has a free plan which offers the capability to converse with up to 99 persons for 40 minutes every time. If it is not what you need, you can only use the paid plan which allows you to call 500 persons for free time. Also, you can share whiteboards as well as the desktop to the participants to improve your ideas as the video call is taking place. You can mute some participants for discipline purposes. You can as well save a record of the whole or partial video call.

Steps to Hold Group Calls with Multiple People via ezTalks Meetings

Step 1
Download the latest version of ezTalks Meetings app on play store the install it.

Step 2
Sign in if you own an account or sign up if you do not. This ensures your calls as well as other information stay private. Sign in using your password and email address. If you are new to ezTalks you will sign in with your Facebook or Google account or email address.

Step 3
After logging in, enter the virtual conference room. There is always the option of holding or joining the conference. If you host the conference, a link is created and you can invite participants to the meeting using it.

Step 4
The generated link will be an ID for other participants to join the meeting. Share it and by simply tapping it, they can be part of your meeting. They do not have to make the app installed for them to be part of the meeting with telephone join-in via numbers or participating via browser.

ezTalks Meetings is among the best video conferencing apps available and its free version with full-featured functions makes it the most suitable solution for start-ups. Its proficient features make it unique and it is the solution meant to replace other unreliable software.