Advantages of eLearning in Education

When eLearning was first introduced, there were concerns associated with it. Many people including employers were skeptical about how genuine the courses were and about the institutions offering them. Over time, however, a lot has changed in favor of eLearning to the extent of it starting to challenge traditional education. With video conferencing platforms such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting that facilitate eLearning more people including some of the biggest Universities are now offering online courses. This has attracted a lot of individuals both students and teachers in this field. Here is how beneficial eLearning has proven to be:

4 Main Advantages of eLearning for Students

1. The Cost Less

One of the biggest challenges in the provision of education in most countries has been the tuition fees associated with it. Traditional education fees alone are very high and that is not yet inclusive of the logistics and other day-to-day costs that you'll incur. These charges are a challenge to most people making it extremely difficult to pursue the courses that they want. eLearning has, however, helped to solve this problem. These courses are very cheap and hence affordable to most people. The reading materials are also affordable, and in some cases, they are available free of charge. MIT, for instance, offer most of their online courses and reading materials without any charges.

2. Gives You A Chance to Learn at Your Own Place

The biggest benefit enjoyed from eLearning education is probably the convenience that it has brought. Online courses offer a self-pace option where you will be given the course work and targets but it is up to you to decide how and when you intend to complete the course. You will, therefore, decide when to start, when you will be doing your reading, when you will be submitting your assignments etc. These are benefits that you can never enjoy the traditional education where schedules are given to you, and you're forced to adhere to.

3. Comfort

Previously, studying a four year course meant spending all of those four years in a new environment surrounded by new people of different backgrounds. Blending in such an environment used to be difficult resulting in most students dropping out of school. Thanks to eLearning this has totally changed. You can now pursue your four year course right from the comfort of your home. You can design you study area and room how you want it to be. No one will be pushing you to do any task. How well your study area is and your general reading is will all be up to you.

4. Online Courses Show High Levels of Self-discipline

The biggest advantage that online courses pose to students is remaining discipline. eLearning tools provides students with so much freedom that can be dangerous if the students themselves are not committed and disciplined. If as a student you are, therefore, able to complete an online course then this can be a significant boost to you and your cv. Employers will view you as a highly committed and self-disciplined individual which is an asset that most companies would want to have.

3 Main Advantages of eLearning for Teachers

1. Extra Source of Income

Summer and winter breaks are good both for relaxing and to spend time with family and friends. You don't, however, have to spend this time just relaxing while not earning anything. eLearning has provided a platform where teachers can utilize their free time offering their services to students online. Online education attracts students from all over the world who have different break periods. While the US students are on a break, others in Europe could still be learning, and they'll need the services of the teachers. As a teacher, you can hence utilize this time to connect with students from other areas who you can tutor and earn an extra income from it.

2. Passion-oriented Learning

A teacher could be an expert in more than one subject, but normally, they are more attracted to one particular topic than the others. Teaching this particular topic in class could be a bit challenging as they are still within the rules of the institution. eLearning offers teachers a chance of instilling their talents to other students who are just as passionate about these subjects. Most people who decide to pursue online courses are usually very interested in those particular topics. It hence results in an excellent environment where both the student and the teacher are passionate about what they are doing. With this thriving environment, the teacher gets to practice more on his/her skills while also helping students.

3. Gives Teachers Extra Experience

Experience is an essential factor that is considered by most employers. It is always good when attending an interview and your interviewers can see that you have been offering teaching services beyond regular classes. It gives you an extra experience that's highly valuable. Teachers can also explain that they had through eLearning interacted with people of different cultures and races and helped them attain their professional and career goals. Moreover, it gives them new teaching skills and approaches that could assist them even in the traditional learning methods.


As we have seen, the advantages of eLearning in education cut across both teachers and students. Everyone has benefited from this new learning method. This is mainly thanks to the online collaboration software that helps teachers and students to communicate and share notes and files through the interactive whiteboards found in applications like Skype and ezTalks Cloud Meeting. With this software, your dream career is just a click away!