6 Platforms for Free Teleconference Calls

With the advanced technical advancement, the way of doing business has also evolved. Now, the traditional ways are overshadowed by the latest and trendy ways. One such way that has helped business to revolutionize its working is the feature of free teleconference calling.

The teleconference call free idea benefits the business in many ways. Apart from providing the business an ability to connect with its number of business partners and clients at a single time, it reduces the cost of operations for the business. With an effective platform that provides the advantage of free teleconference call, the traveling costs are reduced to the minimum. Along with this, the teleconference facility eliminates the security risks while increasing the availability of the workers.

Out of many options available that provides free teleconference calls, it is important to select the right platform which offers the desired features and fulfills all the needs of the business. Let us explore the various platforms available that offer different benefits of free teleconferencing calls:

1. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is one of the platforms that have gained popularity amongst the users within no time. From offering an excellent quality on teleconferencing to providing a secure environment for the calls, this platform has every feature that is required to catch the user's attention. Some of the essential features that this platform offers is as follow:

Unlimited meetings up to 100 participants free of charge
Screen and content sharing with the participants
Private and group chat along with the facilities of recording and playback
Live broadcasting with the help of browser
Affordable pricing plan and extremely favorable time-limited promotion (Buy 1 year, get 1 year free.)


2. FreeBridge

This is yet another free platform for teleconferencing that has been successful in holding the user's interest with their efficient and effective working environment. The platform is perfect for the business that requires doing teleconferencing for all their business operations. Therefore, it is the right choice for sales business or for training seminars which has a pool of audience. It offers the following features:

Conference calls for 100+ users
High productivity
Quick communication
Streamlined business processes


3. Skype

Skype needs no introduction in the world of teleconferencing. It has been used for many years now and is the most trusted and popular platform for teleconferencing call. The platform offers many advantages to the users. It offers advantages like free calling, message sending to many people at a single time, group chat, etc. All such features have helped in maintaining the brand value of the platform. The users are hooked up with this platform because of the following features:

High quality
Video calling with 25 participants
Secured working environment


4. Rehuddle

If any business demands a simple and straight forward platform that offers a user-friendly interface for providing an easy access to its users, then Rehuddle should be the right choice for such businesses. The platform is flexible enough that it gets adjusted as per the need of the users. The features that attract many users for using this platform are:

Simple user interface
Easily accessible


5. OpenVoice

This platform is the preferred choice of the people who are always traveling and are looking for a teleconferencing platform that can provide them with all the necessary features and options to manage their work while traveling. With this platform, the business will not have to wait any longer to get in touch with its associated clients. It offers an instant connection. These features make this tool a hit for such businesses:

Static reports
Conference calls up to 500 people
Easy creation of call groups


6. SendHub

Give the business an easy and simple teleconferencing platform by engaging with SendHub. The platform offers an easy accessibility to its users along with a friendly user interface. The platform has been amongst the most preferred platforms because it eliminates the unwanted complexities in the process of teleconferencing, proving a better experience with the actual feature of conference call. The features that it offers to its users are as follow:

Flexibility and adaptability
Affordable price
No added complexities to the business operations


After analyzing the free teleconference calling reviews, it would not be wrong to consider the teleconferencing as one of the most significant and necessary features for any business in the present technical aid time. There are many platforms available in the market that offers different features to their clients and customers. The businesses must evaluate and analyze every aspect of the available platforms for teleconference calling and thus select the one that fulfills all their needs and requirements.