Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Meetings

The increasing use of internet and improvements in the field of Information Technology has gradually increased the use of online meetings since last few years. It has made communication easier, effective and efficient by using some web conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting or Skype etc. Online meetings have provided a number of advantages especially to the business world as now they can communicate with their colleagues and associates situated at remote locations without moving out of their comfort zone to discuss business strategies and issues face-to-face. But where there are some advantages of online meetings there are some disadvantages also. Here in this write-up we are discussing pros and cons of online meetings.

While discussing advantages and disadvantages of online meetings it is good to have brief information about what online meeting is. In fact, online meetings are also referred as virtual meetings, online conferences or web conferences. Online meetings are organized between two or more participants located at different locations. In order to communicate face-to-face in online meetings computers are used to along with an internet connection and web conferencing software like Skype or ezTalks Cloud Meeting by sharing screen or using a webcam.

During last few years web conferencing or online meetings have become more sophisticated as well as confusing due to availability of wide range of options. Today web conferencing or online meetings can be done through various sources like webcasts, webinars, teleconferencing, VoIP and video conferencing to make the business meetings cost effective and efficient. In these online meeting there is a host who organizes the meetings others are the guests or participants who are invited by the host to attend the meeting. The participants of the meeting including the host can be presenters also but a presenter cannot necessarily be the host. Any participant that presents some facts and figures to discuss in the online meetings can be termed as a presenter.

After becoming familiar with the term online meetings and its related terms it is right tie to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online meetings.

Advantages of Online Meetings

On the basis of operational possibilities there is vast scope of the advantages of online meetings like:

Improved communication ability:

By using a web conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting or Skype etc. online meetings offer a strong and effective platform for participation and communication between two or more remotely placed individuals or groups. Online meetings have made it possible to expose the entire presentation created by the professionals to the audiences across the globe. In this way online meetings have become an extremely helpful and effective communication tool for the businesses if used efficiently.

Easy access for stakeholders:

It can be very complicated to get every stakeholder at one place for a business related meeting as it will not only increase cost of the meeting but also create a chaotic situation. Online meetings have made it easier as well as cost effective to get all the stakeholders at one place without compelling them to move out of their office or home. Everyone can attend these meetings face-to-face just by making few clicks with their mouse.

Efficient medium of interaction between all the participants:

All the participants attending an online meeting can interact with each other which may not be possible if a physical meeting is arranged. In fact, participants of a meeting of more than 20-25 people normally do not have enough time to interact with all the participants but in online meetings it can be possible. Online meetings are run on web conferencing tools like ezTalks Cloud Meeting etc. which allows you to interact with other participants even in the short time period.

Easy access for participants of choice:

Sometimes the organizers of business meetings want to invite some expert to discuss their problems. Such things may or may not be possible in physical meetings but in online meetings the host can easily invite anyone to access the meeting without travelling physically to his place.

Disadvantages of Online Meetings

Problem of format:

Some people like one format whereas some may like some other format for online meetings as there are many formats used of this purpose. Some of the formats are cute whereas some may be annoying depending upon individual's perspective. Though such things do not make much difference but is can be a strange situation for others. Some people will have to adjust to avoid the unpleasant situation but it may take time to make some people ready for adjustment for a particular format.

Worth of participation:

The performance level of some of the participants of online meetings may not be as good as expected. Such participants will be discarded by others due to their low performance. But sometimes even good performers have to perform low due to the limitations of the technology used for online meetings. In this way there can be problem in the level of performance of the participants.

Values of personal contact:

Many times the presentations of remote participants are not liked by the managers of the online meetings. Sometimes it may not be due to their weak presentation but also due to the differences in their personal contacts.

Lack of knowledge:

Sometimes some participants take time to be familiar with the new techniques of online meetings. Such things may annoy people who learn such things more quickly than others. An online meeting cannot be successful if a senior participant poses like a fool in the meeting due to lack of his knowledge in this regard.

Worth of money spent:

Many companies term online meetings as a real obstacle in the progress of their business. Most of them term online meetings as a upgraded show of cartoons instead of an important tool for their business. If this negative opinion is strong then online meeting cannot prove to be effective even it provides considerable scope of exchanging information.


Thus after going through pros and cons of online meetings it can be concluded that this new technique of communication can be fruitful if you are using a good web conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting or so. Moreover the users must be well versed with the techniques of online meetings so that everything can be presented in a dignified manner.