Google Hangouts vs Skype:Which One Is Better

In recent years, many online collaboration tools like ezTalks Meetings, which is also Google hangouts alternative, are coming up with many improved features to facilitate the online communication. These tools are used for the video calling, group chats, private chats, and for images and text sharing. In this article, you will come to know about two most popular online collaboration tools, Google Hangouts and Skype. Both these tools are widely used across the globe. Moreover, both offer the paid and free services. In the followings, you will get a fair comparison of both these tools.

What Is Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts offers many developed features including video and voice calling, messaging, and chats. It can be accessed in a variety of ways through the different devices including the Gmail, mobile app, desktop app, the browser plugin, the hangouts website, and the Google +. Some of the key features are voice calls, video, calls, auto screen focus, instant messaging, built-in screen sharing, compatibility with multiple devices, and HD group conferencing with multiple participants up to 15 people, integration with other Google application, and hangout on air.

What Is Skype?

Skype is popular for free calling between the subscribers. Skype is extensively used all over the world both for the personal and professional purposes. It offers low-costing calls to the people who are not using the service. In addition, it enables the users for file transferring, video chat, texting, and video conferencing. You can make a video call to anyone across the globe with this service for free. You just need to add them to start a video call. Some of the key features of the Skype are free video calls, low cost with other Skype subscribers, file sharing, image sharing, instant calling, caller ID, forward calls, and group calls with up to 25 people.

Google Hangouts vs Skype: Which One Is Better?

Both these services are appreciated by the users for the easy-to use interface, group chats, video calling, free service, and instant calling. When some find the Skype better for the personal purposes, others consider Google Hangouts good for the businesses. If you will discuss the details of the features of both these services, you will find Google Hangouts better than the Skype. Google Hangouts is better in the following ways.

Bandwidth issues

Google Hangouts does not offer any bandwidth problem while used by the multiple users. But you can have this problem with the Skype. Moreover, Google Hangouts offers a Slider that enables the user to resolve any bandwidth issue if that comes during the collaboration. You will not find this facility with the Skype.

Free calls

Google Hangouts allows unlimited free calls to the landline and cell phones for long durations. You can continue as long as you want in the countries like Canada and USA. But for the Skye, you will have to pay per minute.

Video conferencing

With the Google Hangouts, you can start a group video conferencing with ten participants. If you choose the paid version, the number will be fifteen. You can start a video conferencing with the Skype with 25 participants. But you will have to go with the paid version for this facility.

Free service

You might have used Skype free service even the free video calls. Yes, Skye offers free service for the video conferencing for one-on-one meeting. If you want to add more participants, you will have to choose the paid service. For the group conferencing, any one member needs to have the paid service. But you will not face this problem with the Google Hangouts.

Integration with the Uberconference

Google hangouts is integrated with the Uberconference. That means the non-video participants can use the call conference number and can be the part of the video conferences. You will not have this facility with Skype.

Integration with the Google Doc

Google Hangouts is integrated with the Google doc that helps the users to edit and share the documents in real time. You will not find this feature with Skype.

Screen sharing

Both these services offer free screen sharing. But you will find it much easier with Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts come with more advanced features. But before deciding on one, you will have to first understand the purpose of the usages. If you are using it for the personal purposes and small scale business, Skype will be the ideal choice. Google Hangouts will be good for the medium and large scale business.