Top 10 best alternatives to Lync conference call 2019

Lync Conference Call empowers you to easily initiate a conference call with several participants simultaneously. Apart from audio conferencing, Lync meeting software comes with a series of features, such as video conferencing, text messaging, screen sharing, and file sharing etc. (Lync has been renamed to Skype for Business.) Lync Conference Call empowers you to easily initiate a conference call with several participants simultaneously. Apart from audio conferencing, Lync meeting software comes with a series of features, such as video conferencing, text messaging, screen sharing, and file sharing etc. (Lync has been renamed to Skype for Business.)

However, its audio quality drastically degrades once more than 25 participants join the call. In some cases, the speaker's voice gets mixed with external noise and creates a latency. Considering the limitations of Microsoft Lync conference call, we will now recommend a total of ten trustworthy alternatives to Lync Conference Call.

1. ezTalks

If you need a perfect alternative to Lync Conference Call 2019, then ezTalks will be the best possible solution. Not only ezTalks replicates all the important features of Lync Conference Call, but also it overcomes the limitations and disadvantages of Lync conference call. ezTalks is a renowned, reputed, and leading provider of online audio/video conferencing solution. 

I) It offers high-quality audio conferencing and HD video conferencing.
II) It enables you to host a meeting of up to 100 participants free of charge, and up to 10,000 participants for selection. And you can still enjoy a good voice/video quality for the large group video chat.
III) No software installation is needed to join ezTalks meetings. You can also join a meeting by telephone for audio conferencing.
IV) Other powerful features include Screen Sharing, Interactive Whiteboard, Group Chat & Private Chat, annotation, polling, scheduling a meeting, recurring a meeting and meeting admin, etc.
V) High-end security features are integrated with ezTalks which ensures that your communication is protected and encrypted.


The free plan has a time limit of 40 minutes for one meeting. What you can do is to restart the meeting to continue.
Want to try ezTalks now? You can sign up here. 

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a pretty much well-known software for those people that use Gmail. Google Hangouts can be considered a good alternative to Lync video conferencing software.

I) Google Hangouts lets you connect with people in three ways i.e. phone calls, video conferencing call, and chat messaging.
II) It features neat and simple interface.

I) It has a limit of adding up to 10 participants for any conference call.
II) There's no provision for scheduling, managing or recording online meetings.

3. Talky

It is a free, browser-based application that can be used for real-time video conferencing. Let's reveal its Pros and Cons.

I) Talky is ideal for a personal level group conference, collaboration, and communication.
II) It comes with screen sharing option.

I) Talky lets you invite up to 15 participants for a conference call.
II) It's not suitable for business-related applications.


It's another great alternative to Lync web conferencing tool. It lets you create a chatroom and share the link among your friends and colleagues to join.

I) It's very easy to use.
II) No software download is required to use this tool.

I) It allows you invite up to 12 participants for any conference call.

5. Viber

It is a popular alternative to Lync conference call tool. It's a versatile software this is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Android platforms. 

I) It lets you enjoy free text chat, video, and voice conferencing calls.
II) Viber communication system features an advanced encryption technology.

I) It enables you to add up to 40 people for a group conference call.

6. is a recommended alternative to Lync meeting software. It has good user reviews and comes with a trial version.

I) It's basically a team collaboration software that comes with conference calling facility.

I) The highest subscription plan ( Business version) lets you connect a maximum of 250 attendees.
II) app tends to crash frequently and abruptly (while you are already on a conference call).

7. TrueConf 

This is a Russian company which offers software-based video conferencing solutions. TrueConf comes with a free trial version that can connect up to 12 participants. Alternatively, you can opt for its subscription plans that will allow you to connect up to 250 participants.

I) It offers software-based video conferencing solutions.
II) It comes with a free version.

I) TrueConf cloud-based subscription plan (for online video conferencing) can connect a maximum of 120 participants.
II) TrueConf server-based subscription plan (for on-premises video conferencing through VPN/LAN) can connect a maximum of 250 participants.

8. FaceTime

FaceTime is another popular and most sought alternative to Lync online meeting. The software enables video conferencing for iOS and Mac devices.

I) It's free to use.
II) It supports twenty languages.

I) It's compatible with only iOS platforms and Mac.

9. Voxox

This software offers desktop and mobile-based VoIP services through its cloud communications software. 

I) The key features of Voxox include voice calls, video messaging, SMS, fax, instant messages, and more.

I) For conference calling, it has a limitation of connecting twenty people at a time.

10. FreeConference

It is a powerful tool that allows you to schedule conference calls and online meetings. To host and join conference calls on your mobile, you can download their mobile apps.

I) It comes with both free-to-use plans and subscription plans.
II) It lets you make a conference call, set online meetings, and share screen etc.

I) The number of participants for any conference call is limited to 400 phone participants. Whereas, the paid subscription plan allows you to connect 2,000 participants. 


With this, you have revealed the list of ten best and most recommended alternatives to Lync video conference tool. Among this list, ezTalks remains ahead of the competition as the software provides the highest set of key features that are bound to make your business communication effortless. Not only it lets you join a conference call with a massive number of 10,000 participants, but also it ensures that the speakers and participants equally enjoy the best video quality and crystal-clear audio quality.