• What Is eHealth?

    eHealth consists of not only a technology development but has widened the scope of healthcare to a great extent. In this article, we will tell you more information about what is eHealth.
  • Main Difference Between Telehealth and Telemedicine

    From the standard patient point of view, telehealth/telemedicine are indeed confusing, and some of them use interchangeably. Nonetheless, it should be noted that there exists a clear distinction between the two as explained in the article.
  • What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Telemedicine?

    What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine? In the article, we have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine which ought to be considered prior to taking any decision regarding whether your patient services shoul
  • Telemedicine History: A Glimpse of Its Important Stages

    Telemedicine is widely used in order to overcome distance barriers & improve access to critical medical services to distant rural communities. Here is a brief history of telemedicine.
  • The Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients and Physicians

    Doctors and other health care professionals are also warming up to telemedicine as they are finding it generally beneficial to their practices. So what are some of the benefits of telemedicine for patients and physicians?
  • The Most Common Uses of Telemedicine

    You will come across a plethora of information on who uses telemedicine and also where is telemedicine used on the web. Here we have mentioned several vital telemedicine uses.
  • The Various Types of Telemedicine in Healthcare

    The health care industry is greatly influenced by telemedicine. Overall, there are four main types of telemedicine in healthcare, including remote monitoring, store-and-forward, real-time interactive services, and mobile health platforms.
  • Telemedicine Trends and Challenges in 2019

    Telemedicine has been playing a significant role in improving clinical work flow, healthcare coordination, and several other long term health outcomes. The post is focused on the telemedicine trends and challenges in 2019.
  • Main Difference Between eHealth and mHealth

    Although eHealth and mHealth are not much different from each other, mHealth is more concerned with mobile. Here we will talk about what is ehealth and mhealth while pointing out the differences between them as well.
  • Telesurgery vs Telemedicine: What Are the Differences?

    Today is the period wherein technology is the main driver of healthcare’s direction. What is telesurgery? What is telemedicine? What are the difference between telesurgery and telemedicine? Here are answers.
  • Mobile Health Trends and Predictions in 2019

    Several trends shape the market for mobile health solutions. Here are some greatest mobile health trends shaping the future of healthcare industry in 2019.
  • What Is mHealth?

    An ultra-new model of health delivery referred to as mHealth of mobile health. Can you define mhealth? What are the benefits of using mHealth? Here are the answers.
  • Future Challenges for Healthcare Management

    You might have some more challenges in the years to come. This article will focus on some of the future challenges of the health care management.
  • A Brief Introduction to What Is Telehealth

    The existence of telehealth can be dated back to the 1960s, but this niche has only recently become widely popular. However, not many people know the exact definition of the term. Here is a brief guide for you.
  • The Pros and Cons of Telemedicine

    Telemedicine is the distant delivery of health care services like health consultations and assessments, over the infrastructure of telemedicine. Here is a look at the telemedicine pros and cons.
  • 5 Best Telemedicine Apps of 2017

    A remote-care application allows you to contact a physician and maintain a relationship, whether you’re an educator in the neighborhood or a busy patient in a town. These 5 best telemedicine applications can improve your health-care future.
  • Top Five Telemedicine Software

    Telemedicine software as a platform is used by many providers today to communicate with patients, to share video and/or images. Here are 5 best telemedicine software introduced.
  • Benefits of Telehealth for Doctors and Patients

    Telehealth is the provision of healthcare remotely by means of telecommunications technology. In the following, we will elaborate on the benefits of telehealth for doctors and patients one by one.
  • What Telecommunication Tools Are Needed for Accessing Health Information

    Due to the growth and demand of internet services there is increasing transfer of telecommunication data and thus more sophisticated tools developed and such tools include, modems, mobile phones, tele printers, communication satellites and fiber optics am
  • Medical Video Conferencing for Hospitals and Healthcare Sectors

    In the healthcare field, video services have really saved more lives and possess the potential to save lots of patients. Learn about the telemedicine video conferencing, and see how medical video conferencing is being used in the healthcare sectors.
  • Applications of Telemedicine Video Conferencing

    One of the most cutting-edge application is this regard is that of telemedicine video conferencing. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss about the process of medical video conferencing as well as a few of the most common application of this technique in to
  • 3 Useful Telehealth Video Conferencing Software

    Video services such as the video conferencing have effectively taken the healthcare industry to another new level. Here is a list of telehealth video conferencing software that is very useful for hospitals and healthcare organizations.
  • How ezTalks Video Conferencing Solutions Improve Quality of Healthcare

    There have been great milestones in the healthcare since the introduction of healthcare video conferencing. ezTalks video conferencing solutions have greatly improved the quality of healthcare organizations. But how? Here are answers.
  • Uses of Video Conferencing in Healthcare

    In recent years, video conferencing technology has stretched its benefits from business world to the healthcare sector. Here we’ll dive a little deeper into the uses of video conferencing in healthcare.
  • Video Conferencing Makes Internet Healthcare More Accessible

    This article focuses on telling you what the Internet healthcare is and how video conferencing makes Internet healthcare more accessible
  • What can Video Conferencing Do for Healthcare?

    By using video conferencing technology when applicable, healthcare practitioners and patients can reduce the costs associated with regular office visits. Physicians can be anywhere monitoring and collecting patient information while the patient remains in
  • 6 Ways Video Conferencing Improves Healthcare

    Video services like video conferencing have taken many vertical industries to a whole new level — healthcare especially. In the healthcare industry, video services have actually saved lives and have the potential to save many more.
  • Top 6 Benefits of Video Conferencing in Healthcare

    Wonder why many healthcare industry rely on video conferencing solution? Here is the answer! This article is focused on showing the top 6 benefits of video conferencing in Health.
  • Why Telemedicine Counts

    Telemedicine is also named as remote medicine, distance medicine or telehealth. Both medical professionals and patients could get benefits from it.