What Telecommunication Tools Are Needed for Accessing Health Information

Telecommunication is defined as the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means. It also includes all the types of data,voice and video transmissions. This term therefore is used for a wide range of information transmitting technologies which includes telephones,both wired and wireless,microwave communications,the fiber optics,satellites,radio and television broadcasting and the internet. Due to the growth and demand of internet services there is increasing transfer of telecommunication data and thus more sophisticated tools developed and such tools include,modems,mobile phones,tele printers,communication satellites and fiber optics among others.

Health information involves acquisition,analyzing and protecting digital and traditional health information which is essential in providing the most quality patient care. A healthcare system effectiveness is determined by the proper collection,management and use of information within the healthcare system.

What Telecommunication Tools Are Needed for Accessing Health Information?

What are some telecommunication tools that can be used to access healthcare differ depending on the medical stage one is in. Those tools that are involved in the diagnostics stage include the electronic health records,clinical decision support and patient engagement tools. These tools are tailored to provide order entry medical imaging systems and health information exchanges. The tools are engaged in capturing information about a patient,information which may be having critical and private information such as patient's clinical history,their physical exam,diagnostics testing results shaping a clinical workflow and they aid in decision making.These tools play a great role since they,helps to solve clinical problems with the real-time data. This because these tools are always up-to-date and report the data as its happening at the moment. Clinical support system in this case can be used to highlight the options tailored to the patients. Patients are therefore connected with the community and educational resources to better manage their health.

Fitbit Ultra

Tools that will easily access the health information of a patient will include,the Fitbit ultra. This is a pedometer style,counting each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person's hands or the hips,and it monitors and stores the information about a person's activity ad sleep. This data obtained from this device can be integrated within its own website on the both free and paid versions.

Tele Health

The telecommunication devices usually improve health in various means such as,facilitating patient hand offs,this helps in cases where there is discontinuity in the patient care in a certain hospital facility. The patient hand-off tools will therefore ensure that the relevant patient information is passed to the relevant medical personnel. Telehealth is another telecommunication tools for accessing health information of an individual. It tends to close the gaps of access of healthcare due to the rural and the remote geographical regions or the lack of available physicians in some areas in the medical field. Through the tool the patients can still keep in touch with their usual healthcare provider and the specialists. Patient-provider messaging tools provides a platforms for prompt means of communication between patients and the medical specialists and that provides for prompt responses and thus facilitate the patient physician relationship which disappeared in the office consultations.

Video Conferencing Software

Another one of telecommunication tools for accessing health information is the video conferencing software. This which is also called the teleconferencing technology allows many locations to make a communication through a live two way video and audio transmission. It therefore enhances communication in real-time. Although it is not commonly used like the real time audio and text transmissions,it has been used for the sign language interpretation for the deal,distance education,telemedicine,where you provide clinical healthcare at a distance,and overcoming mobility issues. Video conferencing will improve healthcare by allowing the doctors to connect with the patients and the other parts of the medical staff in an easy way. It saves the hospitals and the patient's financial resource of going for checks abroad rather provides the same information face to face through video conferencing. Medical personnel who finds it had to study outside the country may find an easier time having classes from their location and improves their know-how.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a free video conferencing tool that allows the user to hold up to 100 participants. This can therefore be a very useful software when it comes to the interaction between the medical practitioner and their patients or with other doctors to establish their problems and come with working solutions.

Teleconferencing tools provides quality of care and efficiency and has the potential to improve the health of individual and the performance of providers through improved quality,cost,savings and great engagement. Establishment of the Centre for Medicare and Medicaid innovation emphasized the importance of identifying and testing innovative payments and care delivery models.

Currently technologies develop fast making it hard for people to keep up with them. The working environment presented by these telecommunication tools is of a telecommuting and thus the work requires self-discipline,self-imposed schedule who was addicted to work. Through the use of these telecommunication tools the caller may find themselves in isolation mainly when not working in an office where you are in the presence of other colleagues. There is also a high great risk of the medical practitioners and the patient's confidentiality. Through use of the telecommunication tools the doctor might be working from home and therefore this means that the confidential documents regarding the patients may be bleached which is a great offence.

Many tools have been used in telecommunication and mainly they ensure that the right health information has been received and is worked upon. These tools provide various decision support system thus influencing the making of the right decision both in the short run and the long run. Health Information can therefore be accessed through should be treated with vital confidentiality between the doctor and the patient. The confidentiality of the access to health information is a key measure to the quality service provided.