Main Difference Between eHealth and mHealth

The possibilities of improving treatment as well as prevention of diseases have been enhanced significantly by the rapid developments in the capabilities of electronic media plus mobile technology. Although eHealth and mHealth are not much different from each other, mHealth is more concerned with mobile.

In this article, we will talk about what is ehealth and mhealth while pointing out the differences between them as well.

Part 1: What is eHealth?

By the term eHealth, we usually mean electronic health. It implies the use of computers as well as networks, for example, the Internet for managing and storing medical records without using paper files. You will receive essential info regarding your health thanks to e-Health which is sometimes even referred to as health information technology.

In case you have ever changed your physician, visited a clinic, seen a medical expert or even checked into a nursing home, possibilities are there that you do have separate medical records for each of these cases. All these records consist of the medications taken by you, the injuries or illnesses suffered by you, as well as the results of any medical examination which you recently had. It would be really challenging to look at all the medical records along with your entire medical history in case they were stored in paper files.

Apart from technological development, eHealth has also enhanced the scope of medical care significantly. Since the expenses are quite less, it results in efficiency while treating diseases and its quality is also improved a lot by means of eHealth. The main reason for this is that a vast range of healthcare providers are available to you. Furthermore, almost everything which is prescribed on the web is based on scientific proofs instead of simple assumptions and therefore evidence-based treatment is possible with the help of eHealth. Besides this, the web conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings also makes it very much possible to connect to the web very easily.


Part 2: What is mHealth?

mHealth actually refers to mobile health as well as the practice of medication plus healthcare using mobile devices, computers, PDAs, and tablets. Recently the mHealth field has witnessed fantastic growth as an industry mainly because of widespread usage in the advanced countries plus easily accessible mobile technology. As a matter of fact, lots of individuals are acquainted with eHealth which happens to be the branch of medical care that employs emails, computers, monitors as well as satellite communications. Similar functions are also performed by mHealth technology, for example, delivering info to medical practitioners and allowing remote tests on cell phones, tablets and other portable gadgets.

mHealth gives emphasis on receiving information instantaneously in order to diagnose diseases, track illnesses and also offer private information to the general public in several backward nations. In the remote areas there might be deficiency of adequate numbers of doctors and nurses for providing treatment and in those situations mobile health is an absolute necessity. The medical practitioners in these areas usually depend on mHealth for receiving prompt information regarding various diseases and also obtaining actionable medical information to convey to others close to them. This also helps to accelerate the training as well as education when it comes to the medical students who are working in remote areas.

By the later part of the present year, it is expected that numerous individuals on the planet will be making use of home-based monitor services based on mobile connectivity and which are not similar to the conventional cell phones or computer connections.

In fact, they will possess their personal modern connections as well as cellular communication systems which are dedicated for this purpose.


Part 3: Difference between eHealth and mHealth

mHealth is actually a sub-segment of eHealth which covers both medical as well as public health practice backed up by mobile gadgets. In particular, it consists of that usage of mobile communication gadgets for health services and also information purposes plus mobile health software.

mHealth helps the patients to manage their own health more efficiently as well as actively while living far more independently mainly because of remote monitoring solutions or self-assessment. mHealth, likewise, helps the medical care experts to treat patients successfully since adherence to a healthy way of life can be encouraged significantly by mobile applications.

The notable differences between eHealth and mHealth are as follows:

In general, more individuals at present have access to a mobile gadget while a small fraction of the world population does not have any access to the desktop.
Individuals who are more educated and affluent have access to desktop while the opposite is true when it comes to mobile devices.
It is often quite difficult to set up mHealth applications or services as compared to the web services.
Recently, there has been a lot of innovation when it comes to mHealth particularly in nations like India, South America, China, and Mexico. The same cannot be said of eHealth.
mHealth happens to be more personal as compared to eHealth.


Numerous medical experts and nurses have been able to provide fantastic health services by using both eHealth as well as mHealth and it has also helped them to save their valuable time as well as effort. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that eHealth and mHealth are the most contemporary approaches to a healthy way of life and it has influenced numerous patients and doctors on the planet.