Applications of Telemedicine Video Conferencing

Life in contemporary times witness the application of information technology,across all the walks of daily life. This statement holds true and relevance to the perspective of healthcare services as well. In the healthcare industry of contemporary times,you will see that information technology is being applied in various forms to extend better medical care services to the patients. You will be agreeable to the point that the application of these modern techniques enhances the capability of the provider to extend better support to the patients.

One of the most cutting-edge application is this regard is that of telemedicine video conferencing. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss about the process of medical video conferencing as well as a few of the most common application of this technique in today’s health care industry.

Process of Medical Video Conferencing

As you can make it from the name itself,medical video conferencing is all about the application of video conferencing technology to connect the patients and the health care providers and doctors,who are separated at a distance. This will be right to explain the process as a virtual platform that connects the patients with the providers of healthcare and medical services,without physical contact. Video conferencing in health industry of contemporary times has empowered the patients to reach out to the experts from around the globe and the providers get the most effective technique to reach out to the widest base of patients.

Applications of Telemedicine Video Conferencing

Illness surveillance: This methodology is adopted by the health care committees and the government bodies during the phases of epidemics attacks to enable the professionals to evaluate,notice as well as reduces the result of such outbreaks. Based on this process,the concerned authorities take reviews on the condition on an immediate basis and takes up suitable remedial actions.

Illness management and catastrophe: In instances of disasters arising due to natural calamities or due to notorious & criminal acts of mankind,this facility will enable the professionals to design remedial measures,without wasting time in visiting the place to initiate the necessary measures. In those situations,a single minute holds crucial importance and the application of this modern technology,enable the providers to save the crucial time that eventually saves thousands of lives.

Seeking consultation from a provider at a distant place: It might so happen that the best doctor or the healthcare provider can be separated at long distances. In those instances,it may not be possible for the patients to travel physically to seek the consultation from the physician or the provider of the medical and healthcare services. The telemedicine video conferencing facility will connect the patient and the healthcare provider for session of consultation. This saves the time and effort in commuting the distance. This methodology comes especially effective in those instances,wherein the patient is seriously ill and cannot be carried over a longer distance.

Seeking a second opinion: There come up instances wherein it will be wise to seek a second or subsequent opinion from different physicians. The technique can connect the patient with the doctors to avail second and subsequent opinions,without the need to take the hassle of attending the physicians,in person.

Setting up medical boards: In instances of handling critical patients or for conducting some critical surgeries,doctors and surgeons usually set up medical boards to seek the opinion and the consultation from their fellows. Through the video conferencing software,these professionals can get instant connection with each other and discuss on the merit of the case. This enables the professionals to handle more cases and hence,they can benefit for patients. The introduction of this methodology has enables the physicians to change the conventional approach of meeting over their fellows over the table that makes the process time consuming and indirectly,escalate the expenses of the patients to avail the healthcare and medical services.


The medical video conference process has reduced the lead time for the patients to reach out to the physicians and healthcare providers and save the wastage of time to initiate the treatment. This comes highly beneficial in treating the critical ailments,fetching suitable medical care within the shortest turnaround time.

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