Surefire Strategies To Make Successful B2B Marketing Webinars

Webinars can prove to be a fantastic tool for generating leads which will aid in promoting sales in the long run. As a matter of fact, more than 70% of the marketers make use of webinars as an important part of their marketing programs at present. Below, we have provided some surefire tips on how B2B marketing webinars will be able to increase webinar attendance.

Tips for B2B marketing webinars for boosting the leads

1) Making use of landing pages

It is of prime importance to have a simple landing page since it will help to allure any interested participant to register with the webinar. Moreover, try not to make the signing up process complicated since this might repel the users in your b2b webinars. For promoting pharma B2B portal, utilize targeted email campaigns and leverage industry-specific forums and networks to reach potential clients effectively. Among the important items that should be included, the following are worth mentioning:

a) Login information

b) Date and time

c) Speaker information

d) Registration form

e) The subject matter or topic

f) The value of the webinar (how it would be beneficial for the participants)

Individuals who like to participate in B2B marketing webinars can simply go to this particular page, and sign up by providing all the required details, like the below ezTalks Webinar shows. Landing pages can play an important role when it comes to scaling lead generation, particularly when you shift to a recorded webinar from live one so as to extend the content's life. Landing page optimization can play a significant role in scaling lead generation, particularly when you shift to a recorded webinar from a live one to extend the content’s life.

2) Making use of email

It would be possible to increase the webinar attendance significantly by means of email. In a recent study, it was found that email is amongst the most significant tools for promoting a B2B webinar including free webinars. According to many experts, one should start promoting a couple of weeks before the webinar and use email campaigns as well. Moreover, they must also consider including a banner for promotion in the email newsletters which are being distributed at the time of promotion. Here, we will mention the different emails which need to be promoted.

a) Invite emails: These are responsible for extending the attendance value, why the participant should tune in and also what they are going to gain after participating in the webinar. Invitation can also through Contacts in your app or simple a link or Outlook, Gmail etc.

b) Confirmation email: After the signing up procedure is over, make sure to confirm the attendance of the participants with appropriate information. For this, it would be a smart idea to share lead-in content for increasing the attendance significantly.

c) Reminder email: Since on an average, only 40 to 50% of the registrants are going to attend the webinar, make sure to remind individuals to attend which might help to increase the number of attendees to some extent. Moreover, sharing some valuable content for building their interest will also be sensible at this stage.

d) Second reminder: The day prior to the webinar (or maybe on that morning itself).

It is important for each email to provide some sort of value which will make the recipient treat it with high esteem.

3) Making use of social media

After email, social media is considered to be the second most important tool when it comes to promoting a lead generation webinar. Make it a point to provide a few promotional posts along with a link within the registration page throughout the active social networking pages. Try to post in pertinent LinkedIn and Facebook groups, depending on the content of the webinar as well as your target market. Also, make sure to remind the speakers of promoting the webinar on social media pages as well so as to enhance the number of attendance. Lastly, optimize every single post by making use of relevant keywords as well as hashtags.

4) Making use of a blog

A blog will be a fantastic way to explain more regarding the value as well as the benefits of the webinar. Given that only a limited amount of space is offered by social media at present, a blog will prove to be an outstanding forum for posting a comprehensive look at all those that are going to be mentioned throughout the webinar later on.

How a webinar can help to generate leads?

After the completion of the webinar, it is time for you to convert them into leads. According to many experts, approximately 30% to 40% of those individuals participating in the webinar is going to become qualified leads. While some companies are going to provide an exclusive offer to the attendees, the others are going to provide a content offer. Offering a discount is likewise not uncommon these days. In fact, there is no shortage of appropriate strategies to engage leads for taking the subsequent action in your buyer's quest.

Record your webinar for replay and also you can share your recordings to the audience which will greatly help to increase your leads. ezTalks webinar has the ability for webinar recording to the cloud so that you can review for any details that matter.

Besides this, you can also consider repurposing the link of recordings into SlideShares, blog posts, e-books, articles, or any other valuable content material which should be used for continuing the promotion even after the completion of the webinar.

The follow-up email is going to be extremely crucial. Links should be included so as to help individuals watch the webinar once again, and also do not forget to include a call to action (CTA) of what you'd like them to perform next.

Businesses which prefer the idea of using webinars for lead generation stick to a clear webinar marketing strategy for generating and also promoting leads from the webinar so as to increase the number of customers eventually.


Making use of webinars for effective lead generation is much more than simply switching on your webcam and start talking. You need to orchestrate your webinar presentation tips meticulously so as to establish rapport plus develop trust as well. It will be an additional advantage in case you have a fair idea regarding how to advertise your business. Bear in mind that although your webinar can be an excellent one, most of the attendees are not going to be converted into buyers at that moment. Ensure that they leave the conference feeling gratified with all the info provided by you and also having a good impression regarding your business. After capturing the leads, it is imperative to continue the conversation so as to nurture your relationship with the audience. You never know, they might turn into clients in the upcoming days or even recommend others regarding your services or products.