How To Use Whiteboard Presentations To Improve Your Webinar?

Webinars are the kind of internet seminars that draw in people with the same passions and interests in life. They may converge to learn about something that has been invented or brush up on their skills. In any way, the webinars are the best way of gaining knowledge from your peers and whoever prepares a whiteboard presentation for a webinar is usually prepared adequately.

Online whiteboard collaboration is a good way of improving a webinar as we are mostly used to PowerPoint presentations being sent alongside the other materials that will be used for the webinar. If it is a software being presented, for example, the attendees of the webinar will receive a copy of the software together with the PowerPoint presentation of the points that will be outlined in the webinar. As a webinar tends to be recorded for future references, it is step by step and each of the stages are thoroughly gone over to drive the point home.

Steps to Use a Whiteboard in the Webinar

A whiteboard is interactive and easy to use when you need to outline the steps to be used in making a presentation. For example, in ezTalks Webinar, the whiteboard is the presentation surface of the presenter notes and guides their presentation by showing a summary of their key points.

a) Positioning

The online interactive whiteboard should be in a position that makes it easy to see what is happening and it should be in a comfortable place. ezTalks has a provision that allows you to determine where slides and resources will be located as you proceed with the webinar. This makes for a better organization during the presentation.

b) Rubbing Out

Each run through the whiteboard should be enough to display all the information at a go. This is to ensure that once the whiteboard has been rubbed, nothing from a previous slide is repeated. The deletion of a previous slide should happen once the whole procedure has been outlined. A moment should also be allowed between rubbing out the board and filling it with concepts so the audience can absorb what is being shown by the presenter. Useful tools are in ezTalks to ensure that you have editing capabilities over the presentation and makes for a smooth webinar that is free of obvious errors.

c) Colors

A mix of colors on the whiteboard is an important factor for comfortability while viewing. When one is illustrating a concept onto the whiteboard, they should make use of an appropriate color scheme that is fun and comfortable for the audience. Mixing colors also make the attendants concentrate on the message being passed on. The color scheme in ezTalks is fun end friendly for anyone that needs to have a webinar session with colleagues.

d) Spacing

A single run through the whiteboard must clearly show all the points in an exhaustive manner and the points must be spaced out in a friendly manner that ensures the audience does not struggle in grasping any of the points on the board. This also makes for a satisfactory presentation they will love and keep in mind. With a good screen size, a webinar on ezTalks will go off to a wonderful start and it will be comfortable to see everything being presented.

Animations and Equations

The webinar whiteboard (including pre-record whiteboard animation) should be clean enough to act as a credible surface for the presentation and the selection of colors and animated slides to be incorporated during the presentation is useful as well. This follows from the reasoning that if the presentation is comfortable enough to view, the readers will be more likely to hold on up to the very tail end of the webinar. A clear webinar presentation with a whiteboard that uses comfortable colors is more likely to be attended by more people and it will have a meaningful impact on the presenter. Complex concepts and new equations that are introduced through a webinar are more than enough information to work with for your own practical needs. A presentation on mathematical equations is easy enough with a whiteboard that clearly presents the transition in the calculation. As you work on making your presentation as memorable and impressive as you possibly can, also remember that the whiteboard will be the main point of focus for your presentation and brush up thoroughly on it to avoid any mishaps from happening in the course of your webinar.

Webinar References

In case there have to be references made as your webinar is taking place, you'll most likely need to have prepared these links in a shortened form and included them in your whiteboard presentation. The links are easy to scan and you can also present them in the form of QR codes which can be scanned by mobile devices and take the user directly to the internet link that has been integrated into the code. The transition of information on a whiteboard in a webinar is rather interesting as a concept and you have to be keen enough to know where the previous slide ends and where the next one begins. These transitions are also useful for making the audience interested and engaged enough to follow your flow of ideas in the presentation.

A whiteboard is very easy to set up and forms a point of focus for your audience who will support their presentation of what they can see on the board. The idea behind a whiteboard for your webinar presentation is to make it easy to follow the proceedings of the presentation and derivation of proof from equations as they are breaking down. In this manner, you'll be fully engaged in the presentation and nothing will obstruct you or get in the way of your gaining a new concept or method in the course of this webinar. The presenter will also have a much easier time passing their concept to the audience as the whiteboard will be easy to show the difference between what is being spoken in the conversation or the webinar and what has been introduced through the presentation.


In conclusion, webinars are easy to carry out especially if you have a whiteboard to show all your points and make the readers follow the proceedings without worries. With a good whiteboard for your presentation, the webinar will be incredible and convincing to the audience. Employing a whiteboard for your webinars just like mentioned in ezTalks Webinar is the ultimate way to go and will keep the audience engaged and able to make useful inferences from your presentation.