Tips for Running a Successful Video Teleconferencing Training Course

With the help of video teleconferencing technology, the training industry is increasingly growing at a rapid pace. Video conferencing breaks the geographic restrictions and training courses have been moved from traditional classroom to the Internet, so that trainees in different locations can participate in the training courses easily. By doing so, it has not only helped the company save the cost of renting rooms, but also improved the productivity and efficiency of training. So, how does one company run a successful training course with video teleconferencing? Here are our top tips for you to conduct a successful and effective video teleconferencing training course.

Before Video Teleconferencing Training Course

Running a video conferencing training course is very simple. Before the training course starts, you must pay attention to the following three things.

Make sure your internet connection is good enough. Video teleconferencing training is conducted via the Internet, only a well-connected network can make a video conferencing training become a reality.

Well equip your training room. Before you begin a training class, you need to well equip your room with video conferencing equipment. If your students are distributed all over the country or even the world, and no one actually comes into the room, what you need is a PC, a webcam and a microphone speaker, and then you can start to lecture on the Internet by utilizing a great video teleconferencing software like ezTalks Meetings.

In another circumstance, you have both students in the training room and other different places, and you have to give a lecture to all of them. At this time, you need to prepare more video teleconferencing equipment for the room, like external cameras and loudspeakers, gooseneck microphones for students to have a brainstorm, etc.

Be familiar with video conferencing software. As a trainer, you need to be very familiar with the video conferencing tool before the training course, so that you might not waste time on some operational problems and thus increase the productivity.

During Video Teleconferencing Training Course

After having a good preparation for the training, you can now start the video conferencing training course. There are also several points you need to notice.

Be well dressed and focused on the training. Although it is conducted on the Internet, you should still be well dressed like what you did on the site. Make yourself look like a professional trainer, so that trainees might be more willing to believe you. Of course, what you lecture is of vital importance for students, so made elaborate preparations for your training content and focused on the training, because you are exposed in the camera.

Have interactions with trainees as many as possible. Videoconferencing students, especially if they are remote, tend to sit back in a passive mode, which is not helpful to their learning at all. As a teacher, remember to have interactions with students as many as possible. Ask questions via chat or audio, create a poll, offer related resources and create other means of interactions.

Keep a good training environment using video conferencing control functions. It is necessary for both the trainer and trainees to have a good environment. If some students speak something loud or there are some noises from them when you are lecturing or one student is answering the question, you could mute them through the video conferencing software.

After Video Teleconferencing Training Course

Video conferencing software is usually capable of recording the whole process of training course, so that trainees can replay it later for some important or missed information. Besides, you can also keep it as an educational resource for other new students or students in rural areas through the Internet.

Now you can have a brief summary about how to run a successful video teleconferencing training course from the following infographic:

video teleconferencing training

The above are just some of top tips for running a successful video teleconferencing training course. And do you have any other tips for conducting a good training course with video conferencing? Please share with us at ezTalks.