The Best 5 Alternatives to Meeting Owl

ezTalks Hardware

Supports Multiple VC Apps

ezTalks all-in-one video conferencing devices work with most popular VC apps like ezTalks,Skype for Business,Skype,Zoom,WebEx,GoToMeeting,BlueJeans,Lifesize,Google Hangouts,Facebook Messenger,Microsoft Teams and more as you require.Request A DemoFor a video conference,software alone isfar from being desired. You also need to have the right equipment.You may consider Meeting Owl as its good camera performance and it also highlightsup to 3 recent speakers in the room. 8 omnidirectional microphonesare available to capture the voice of the speakers from as far as 2 meters away.But its price is a little bit highand features are limited.You may need other options. Here are the best 5 alternatives to Meeting Owl.Surprise! Want to install your favorite VC software? Want to grab the freedom easily? ezTalks can work for you!The ezTalks Meet Series mentioned beloware compatible with multiple VC software including ezTalks,Microsoft Teams,etc. It is possible to expand and upgrade your conference room with both the powerful all-in-one equipment and your current vc software flexibly.1.ezTalks Meet XMeet X is a premium video conferencing camera for medium and large rooms. It tops in the list of Meeting Owl alternatives.a) As for the camera,the pan range is around 170°and tilt rangeis around 30°,whichgives you a larger view of the meeting roommore vertically.This 1080P PTZ camera with 1/2.8-inch high-quality CMOS sensor and 2.07 million pixels delivers best-in-class image quality.b)Another thing amazing about this device is that it supports to display images or videos in two screens; one display can be for in-room presentation sharing while the other display can be for video participants in the online meeting. Meet X enables you to show 25 video feeds in one screen.c)This device also owns a pre-installed software with multiple functions for interactive collaboration. This enables youto conduct live webinars easily,screen and file sharing,provide online whiteboard,do cloud recording and storage.★ ezTalks also launches other devices which are all-in-one. Especially,they all have a built-in camera for outstanding video experience.ezTalks Meet MiniMeet Mini is perfect for focus rooms. This mini device is easy to set up and use so that you can enjoy video collaboration without requirements for other VC components or professional IT knowledge.a) It comes in with an 11.6-inch touch screen,HD camera,microphones,speakers,and a built-in battery. The camera also has wide-angle lens at FOV 90° and can be rotated at+/- 15° tilt range. With its 180-degree base rotation,it makes sure all of the participants are visible during a meeting.b)Two built-in high-fidelity speakers and two built-in professional microphones at 5-meter voice pickup range work together for seamless sound effect.c)It also supports two screens display without any conversion device and support far-end control. Meet Mini is suitable for multiple application scenariosezTalks Meet SMeet Sis an affordable all-in-one video conferencing equipmentfor huddle rooms.It is very competitive in the market and also among the Meeting Owl alternatives.a)The all-in-one design makes it convenient to use. Instead of the expensive traditional equipment consisting of various tools,with ezTalks Meet S,you just need a single device to do it all. It's also very easy to install with only 3 steps required and can be done in a minute!b)This device features HD video and audio. Its 1080P camera with 120-degree field-of-view ensures absolute clarity and able to cover everyone in the huddle room. The dual microphones cancel echo and reduce noise level and therefore you get crystal clear sound for a perfect video conference.c)It works with any mobile device running on Android,IOS,Windows or even Mac.Other features include high performance and powerful software developed by specialist engineers.Meet ProWhen it comes to powerful Meeting Owl competitors,Meet Prois also included. It is asmall conference room solution which is fullyintegrated with HD camera,speaker,microphone,codecs and software to deliver premium video conferencing experience.a)High-quality videos are captured with the 4K sensor and wide-angle lens to let you see everything in the conference room even about the facial expression details of each participant. With the ePTZ control,capable of remote directional and zoom control,users get dynamic images without any delay.b)Meet Pro's 4 far-field linear microphone arrayswithAutomatic Echo Canceller and Automatic Noise Reduction technology has been applied to provide an excellent sound effect.c)With its built-in software,you can control and manage your room via desktops,laptops,tablets,Macs,mobile devices and T-Voice 100. This feature is the same as that of Meet S.★ All of them are affordable even they provide permanent use with one-time fee.Meet Mini: $699 Meet S:$899 Meet Pro: $1299 Meet X:$23992. Logitech BCC950This is another all-in-one and easy to install equipment. It provides business-grade video conferencing with HD 1080p 30fps video display. The speaker is of high quality and full-duplex enables recording up to 8 feet away.

Designed for productive teams with a small group in mind,it can accommodate up to 4 people. With motorized camera at eye level and multi-directional speaker,it's perfect to catch the face and sound of each participant.

BCC950 can also work with most video conferencing software.

3.Cisco Precision 60 Camera

This device provides powerful video imaging with 1080p60 resolution. It is suitable ranging from small to large meeting rooms.

With the powerful camera,you can experience life like meetings due to its sharpness and clarity. It's equipped with a 10x optical zoom camera,making it perfect even for large meeting rooms.4.Solaborate HELLO

This device can transform any TV into an all-in-one,video communication and collaboration device for video conferencing and many other functions as well.

This webcam is something else,it works great and has many various features,all in one device. With its 4K resolution,a sensor and many microphones,it is a good choice.5.VSN Mobile 360

Although it is originally developed as an action camera,this device will also be perfect for video conferencing.

It will work with most video conferencing software as well. It uses a reflector rather than a lens to generate a 6480x1080 panoramic image from its camera.

One great feature is it can survive immersion to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. So,it's perfect for outdoor meetings.

The Conclusion

eztalks conference room devices easily the best alternative to Meeting Owl. They cost-effective and easy to set up,you can start a video conference almost immediately with its convenient installation.