Top Audio Conferencing Companies Introduction

Many audio conferencing companies are providing online conferencing services all over the world these days to allow several participants to communicate with other related participants located in different geographic locations. Most of the large organizations and corporations having their offices at different locations in this world are using the services of these online audio conferencing companies to communicate with the administrative heads of their different offices. Some of the top audio conferencing companies are briefly reviewed in this write-up to help you choose the best one for your organization.

1. ezTalks

It is one of the top audio conferencing companies that have provided you certain software options to call meetings with your associates at different branches of the company as well as your clients located at different locations around the world. It has introduced ezTalks Meetingsin two versions. Its free version allows you to talk with up to 100 people at a time whereas its paid version allows you to organize meetings with more than 100 people simultaneously. The features offered by this audio conferencing product includes super quality audios and videos,quick accessibility,easy annotation and screen sharing and scheduling as well as recording online meetings.

2. Citrix Systems

It is one of the top audio conferencing companies that offered various online communication software options with wide range of features and ease of use. It has introduced a moderately priced and reliable audio conferencing service,GoToMeeting,which is extremely easy to use as you need not remember any code to start using it. Its features include an app for taking and making the audio calls even on the go,screen sharing and HD video sharing etc. It allows you to initiate conference calls through your desktop or laptop also.

3. AT&T Business

This audio conferencing company offers easy to use audio conferencing services AT&T Teleconference Services for local as well as international conferences related to the business world. It allows you to setup HD level video calls all over the world with up to 500 participants without installing any app or creating a separate account. It can be used by the businesses for organizing teleconferences by inviting the participants to the meeting room offered by it,with a specific name.

4. IDT Connect

It is another audio conference company that offers conference calling with two plans for making unlimited calls regardless of the location of the recipients at very reasonable prices. You can talk with up to 300 participants with its pay-per-use plan and with an unlimited number of people with its unlimited monthly plan. You can also use it to host and schedule meeting even on the fly,manage complex calls with the help of an assistant operator provided by it and share the screen of your laptop or desktop with other participants.

5. Cisco

This audio conferencing company has introduced WebEx as a popular audio conferencing software among the people who want to attend meetings and conferences even without moving out from their comfort zone. It also offers reliable services of screen sharing,audio interactions and video conferencing between several participants at a time. Its telepresence technology allows video conferencing centers to use it for getting video feedbacks and full or split screen mode. It also offers annotation tools,whiteboard,and personal meeting rooms to facilitate communication between different participants located at different locations.

6. Laser Telesystems

It is one of the top audio conferencing companies India that offer an excellent range of features including LED display board,commercial projectors,communication equipment and electronic displays etc. to their clients. They follow the industry standards while providing their products to their clients. It is very much in demand in India due to its various features like easy to install,highly strong online communication system,and durable,longer service life and less maintenance of its products.

7. Dialpad

This audio conferencing company has introduced UberConference audio conference software that can be logged in without using a PIN. The sharing of documents directly from Evernote,Dropbox and Google Drive is one of the best features of this audio conferencing service. Its dashboard also allows you to share the screen of your laptop just by clicking on a button.

8. Sunshine Telesoft (P) Limited

This Mumbai based audio conferencing company India is known for importing and distributing wide range of instruments used in communication like Donjin Products,Magma Products and Ai-Logix etc. to ease your communication needs with your associates and colleagues located in different areas in the country or the world. Its products are widely used by call centers,cellular companies,network companies,banks and in the applications of system integrators. Moreover,it also offers open source platforms based on Linux to provide high quality communication system as per the standards of the industry.


Thus,increasing requirement of online communication tools has made popular a number of audio conferencing companies all over the world. While choosing one of the top audio conferencing companies you should compare their merits and demerits along with their prices. In this way,an audio conferencing company can help in improving the productivity and efficiency of the businesses using it. You can choose one as per the requirement of your business.