6 Useful Online Learning Tips

Online learning has become increasingly popular, especially when the advances in technology have taken place rapidly over the years. Online learning is known as “e-Learning”. However, e-Learning is not a guaranteed profitable business. Its success would depend on certain things, such as the learning modules, the e-learning system being implemented, the attitude of the students toward the learning modules, and your response to their attitude.

online learning

Here are some useful online learning tips that you can use for effective online learning.

Remember that online is not like other media. You cannot just pick a book or a lecture, post it online, and expect students to learn from it. This is exactly why they have chosen to study online, so they do not have to turn the pages of those thick, boring textbooks and read word to word from every paragraph that would fill up 500 pages of parchment. Do not expect learners to listen to a talking head, blabbing on something about the need to monitor cotton fluctuations. Do not think that you could just upload a tutorial, have your students to watch a self-running demonstration on how to create your magnet, then expect them to learn from it. No. Internet learners want to be able to see, hear and do, frequently at the same time. Wherever they can establish internet access, they want to interact immediately. And they do not want to wait. Ever. Even with a slow internet connection.

Consider it as "just in time" learning. Internet learners want to learn what they want to learn when they want to learn it, wherever they may be at that particular moment. Your online learning approach must be convenient for them. Learning online is not high school where students are expected to attend classes from morning to afternoon. Rather, they expect to learn considerable amounts of information in just a maximum of fifteen minutes.

Feedback is important. You do not just put information and learning content online for learners to study. Learners would want to know how they are doing. So give a feedback to online learners is very important.

Provide multiple styles of learning. Some learners only need a hint to be able to solve the problem. Some would require a lengthy explanation. Some want to practice exercises. Some want reinforcing examples. The choice, they get to determine. You do not have a say. A learner will not be held captive just because your implements only one style of learning.

Keep in mind that change is the only constant thing in this world. Traditional procedures become obsolete. Errors need to be corrected. New exercises necessitate new skills. Your e-learning tool must be able to build easy ways to control, correct, edit, modify, and re-use your modules, sample exercises and questions. ezTalks is such an easy-to-use free online learning tool.

Finally, stay connected. An interactive environment is one of the keys to successful e-learning. Learn to communicate. Let your learners know how they are doing, give them advice, entertain their questions and give satisfactory answers, and provide them useful information on a constant basis. Discover ways to keep them coming back.

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