5 Best Video Conference Call App

It's not a big deal to start or join a video conference call to collaborate with colleagues,partners and customers face to face no matter whether you are at home,on a train,in a hotel,or in any other place. As you see,plenty of video conference call apps are developed and put on the market. All you need to do is to have an iPhone,iPad or Android device at hand. Here we'd like to share with you 5 best video conference call apps for iPhone,iPad or Android devices. Have a look!

1. FaceTime

FaceTime is a built-in free video conference call app developed by Apple Inc. If you're an iPhone,iPad or iPod touch user,you probably have used FaceTime for thousands of times to communicate and laugh with your family and friends,or even to collaborate with your colleagues for business things. It has a forward-facing camera,formerly known as an iSight Camera. It's simple to get started. Just run FaceTime on your iPhone,iPad or iPod touch,and enter a name,email address or phone number to start a video conference call!Key Features of FaceTime

• Support one-on-one video conference call.

• Make video conference calls by using your existing Address Book contacts.

• Start or receive video conference calls with anyone having an iPhone,iPad,iPod touch or even Mac.

• Free of charge.Disadvantages:

• Incompatible with non-Apple devices.

• Fail to support group video conference call.

2. Skype

Just like FaceTime,Skype is also one of best video conference call apps for free,which allows you to stay in touch with family,friends,colleagues and anybody else wherever they live or stay. Whenever you wanna start one to one or group video conference call,Skype won't let you down.

Key Features of Skype

• Allow to make one-on-one video conference call.

• Make New group video conference call with up to 25 participants.

• Support files sharing and screen sharing.

• Fully compatible with Android,iOS,Blackberry 10,Nokia X,watchOS.

• It's totally free.


• A usage limit of 100 hours per month with 10 hours per day at most.

• A group video conference call is limited to 25 participants.

3. ezTalks Meetings

You may have realized that FaceTime and Skype are mainly created for casual personal use. However,ezTalks Meetings is specially designed for business. It's professional and cost-effective video conference call app for iPad,iPhone and Android devices,which allows up to 100 participants to join a video conference call at a time for free. During the course of video conference call,you empower to interact with colleagues via screen sharing,whiteboard sharing and files sharing. To avoid missing or forgetting something important,you can record the entire video conference call and save as an audio or video file. To enjoy more distinguishing features,you can easily upgrade to its paid plan which let you host500 participants,and enjoy reporting,users management,and more.

Key Features of ezTalks Meetings

• Allow up to 500 participants to attend a same video conference call.

• No limit of meeting times.

• Support whiteboard sharing,files sharing,and screen sharing.

• Start a meeting in no time,or schedule a meeting at a certain time.

• HD video and HD voice.

• Private chat and group chat are both supported.

• Fully compatible with Android and iOS.

• Allow to use without registration,just sign in with your Facebook and Google account.

• Keep a record of video conference call for nothing missed.

• Integrate well with ezTalks Onion,a versatile video conference equipment.


• 40 mins limit on group video conference call.

4. join.me

The fourth app for video conference call is join.me. It's compatible with iOS and Android OS. With its help,you can bring colleagues and customers located in different places in a virtual meeting room,to collaborate on a project,conduct staff training,make business cooperation and more. To make the video conference call successful and efficient,join.me gives you the power to transfer the presenter role from one to another,chat with other participants,share your screen,make annotations on shared screens,and more.

Key Features of join.me

• Allow to meet 250 participants in a meeting.

• Share whiteboards,files and screen right among iPhone,iPad and Android devices.

• Mark up on shared screens.

• Chat with all participants or an individual.

• Lock and unlock your meeting for extra security.

• Swap presenters during meetings.


• It's not free.

5. GoToMeeting

As its name suggests,GoToMeeting is a video conference call app that enables you to meet colleagues,customers and partners from anywhere in real time. It works perfectly on your iPhone,Android devices and Windows phone. Use this app to host,attend or schedule a video conference call from your mobile device whenever you're on the move.

Key Features of GoToMeeting

• Allow to meet up to 100 participants in a meeting.

• Join or host a meeting on any Android phone or tablet,iPhone,iPad and Windows phones.

• Transfer presentation control to anyone else in the meeting.

• Text with individual attendee or everyone in the meeting.

• Keep audio files of meetings.

• Share your whiteboard and browsers with everyone.

• Integrate with most file-sharing apps,including Dropbox,ShareFile and Box (iPad only) for files presentation.


•Need to pay for it.

• A group video conference call is limited to 100 participants.