What Is Internal Communication?

For the success of any organization, internal communication is the key. Communication between employers and employees is crucial for the forward movement of any organization. Internal communication is all the processes involved in transmitting and reception of information between all members of an organization. The communication could be vertical, diagonal or horizontal depending on the parties involved. It should technically take place at several levels of the organization.Then, do you have a clear understanding of the definition of internal communication

what is internal communication

What Is Internal Communication?

When it comes to the internal communication definition, we'd like to define it in this way.

Vertical communication is communication either up or down the formal hierarchy established in a business. The message could move down the hierarchy to the lowest level and the feedback moves back up the same hierarchy.

Horizontal communication is among people in the same level in the organization. Also called lateral communication. It is important when people on the same organizational hierarchy need to collaborate on a project.

Formal communication is when the information is passed through the formal channels of communication preset in the organization.

Importance of Internal Communication

What is internal communication in business? After reading the part above, you must have a clear understanding. Then, why is internal communication important for companies?

• Internal communication ensures mutual understanding between the management and the staff. This eliminates possibility of misunderstanding.
• It is through internal communication that the goals of the company can be explained to all the members of the organization so that every individual can align their personal goals and targets accordingly. This is because every employee will recognize how their individual work contributes to the achieving of the overall goal of the business.
• The employees will become motivated as they realize they are the success of the company.
• It keeps the workforce engaged, therefore the employees feel valued. This is because the employees are involved in the functioning of the company. The higher the levels of employee engagement the higher the levels of morale in the same employees. They know how they should fully engage their skills to improve the maximum productivity of the company as a whole.

Tips to Improve Internal Communication

What is internal communication in business? Why is it important for companies? We tells you in the part above. Because internal communication plays such a vital role in the success of the business, there is an increasing need to improve the levels of internal communication in the company. The following are the top tips to teach you how to ensure effective internal communication.

a) You should put up systems that make the internal knowledge of the company or firm to be easily accessible. This will ensure understanding among all the employees. This is because it could take some time for new or even long standing employees to fully capture the way the company does things. To enable your employees to acquire this information faster, you should make it a vital part of the training. You could also create documents and pin them internally so that the employees can use it for reference.

b) You can also encourage sharing among the employees. You can do by creating an online collaboration platform for employee engagement. For example, you can create website where employees can read about the industry news, the project process, and others. The employees will love this and they will love the opportunity to express their opinions on given subjects. Through this you can see what knowledge your employees have on certain areas of your industry and where their skills can best be utilized. The employees will also feel highly valued as their opinions will count to even the management. This platform will generate a lot of purpose to communication. It will also enable the sharing of feasible insights to company setbacks.

c) Use a video communication tool - ezTalks Meetings. As an employer in a big company you might also require the services of virtual communication and meeting solutions. ezTalks Meetings is the one your company needs. Although the importance of face-to-face communication is not to be underplayed, video conferencing is also a vital part of modern internal communication. It is through video conferencing that you can communicate to your employees in HD video and audio globally and at any time. ezTalks Meetings eases the business video conferencing experience by providing a variety of features to facilitate the same. The features include the following:

• HD and crystal clear sound to make virtual meetings audible.
• It has a feature that enables you to share screen easily. This means you can share the screen from your mobile device or computer to more people in a meeting.
• It has a whiteboard sharing feature. By using the whiteboards you can draw up your ideas for the other person to see. This makes for a more interactive session.
• The tool records all your meetings in the quality they are and stores them. This is in case you require to make future references.
• The tool is compatible with a vast majority of devices both mobile and PC.
• You can also send texts to your clients or customers instantly while hosting video conference.

internal communication definition


To facilitate for optimal internal communication, modern technology has to be integrated. This will pass the message in a way that is easiest to understand. Make use of e-mails and social media to engage your employees. However, the importance of face-to-face meetings between employees and management should never be underplayed. Picture source from Clipartkey, PNGitem, KindPNG.