What Is Collaboration

What is collaboration? Why do you need collaboration? What are the types of collaboration? Which types of collaboration will suit your business needs? If you are starting a new business or upgrading the existing one, you might be thinking of the best type to get the maximum benefits. You will find many developed collaboration tools like ezTalks Meetings to get an instant solution and to improve the performance. But before deciding on one, you will have to understand what collaboration is and what the types are.

What Is Collaboration?

Collaboration is the way of communication where people come together with a common objective. They discuss the issues and try to get a solution. In brief, collaboration enables people to come together for a common interest. Collaboration can be synchronous and asynchronous. In synchronous, they use some developed tools to interact in real time and to get an instant solution. In asynchronous, the collaboration or interaction can be time-shifted. You need to use the tools depending on the requirement of the collaboration.

In current conditions, synchronous collaboration is widely used for the flexible nature and advanced features. In this collaboration, the participants can join from any location and can discuss and share the things related to the collaboration including file, image, and text. In fact, they can record the collaborations and can play it back later.

What Are the Types of Collaboration?

You will find different types of collaboration. All these types come with the same objective to contribute to the success and benefit of any project, organization, purpose, and business. Some of the key types are the followings.

1. Team Collaboration

In the team collaboration, the members of a particular organization come together for a specific purpose to accomplish a particular task. The team is made with a specific objective with a dead line. All the team members will have some dedicated work and they need to accomplish the task and to contribute to the success of that particular goal. They will have a strategy and the starting and the end time.


An alliance is the formal types of collaboration among the groups, organizations, and individuals. They come together for fulfilling the same objective. There are some defined purpose, contribution, and objective of the alliances. Alliances can be formal and informal and can be made for the broader perspective as well.

3. Collations

The coalition is a different type of the collaboration. It is not restricted to a business purpose and to fulfill a business goal. But it is made with a common objective for a particular time period. You will find different types of the coalition. A coalition can be made between the individuals, groups, political parties, government and private institutions. The purpose might be personal, professional, and social. The coalition can also be made between the professionals, communities, and individuals with a common objective. It can be both legal and formal as well. Coalition collaboration is considered as a board term that can be made with different objectives to achieve the particular goal.

4. Partnership

The partnership is a type of the collaboration where the partners come together to fulfill a common goal, specifically for the financial and institutional growth. Partnerships are normally made with different organizations, groups, and parties. The objective of the organizations might be different, but they come together to fulfill a common goal that will contribute to the success of all the participating members. The partnership is a type of formal relationships that are made with some written agreement or contract. All the members of the partnership will sign the agreement and will be part of it until the end. Some exception might happen depending on the type of agreement.

5. Community Collaboration

Community collaboration can be made with the people of same interest. In this collaboration, the goal is often focused rather than the task and ways. They come together to find out a solution for different community problems. All the participants belong to the same community and share the same objective. Community collaborations also give rise to team collaboration. Different teams are formed to fulfill different objectives.

6. Network Collaboration

Network collaboration is the origin of the developed technologies. It can be anything like business collaboration and community collaboration. In the network collaboration, the members will not be restricted to certain location. They just need to share the same objective or to work to achieve a common goal. They can be a part of any business, company, organization, and can come individually to fulfill a common goal. The network collaboration is now extensively in all types of collaboration. You just need to have an internet connection and a collaboration tool, like ezTalks, to achieve the end result. Team members of the remote location can be a part of this collaboration and can discuss all the important matters related to that specific interest.

All these types of collaboration are different. They cannot be used for all purposes. Therefore, it is always important to understand your purpose first before choosing any type. A proper understanding is must if you want the best use.