5 Unified Communications Services

Unified communication is an integration of several types of communication services. These services include chatting, audio and video, and data sharing. Unified communication is not necessarily one service but mostly includes a variety of services which, combined, can provide the user with a unified experience across several devices whether mobile or otherwise. Unified communications should allow the individual to send communication across one medium and be able to receive the response on another medium. The aim of unified communications is to increase the user productivity therefore optimizing business activities. It does this by reducing latencies and eliminating dependency on media. Unified communications is usually referred to simply as UC.

Elements of Unified Communications

Unified Communication combines various elements of communication services in one application. These features include voice, video, chatting among numerous others. This combination makes a UC a go to for someone seeking the different elements of communication under one app. It eliminates dependency on different media thus making it convenient.

The combination of different elements of communications also brings the feature of presence to the workplace. This feature enables you to see the status of the person on the other end of the communication e.g. online, typing, and busy, among others. This increases the effectiveness of communications among the employees enabling the employees to tailor their questions and responses accordingly.

Another major feature of UC is mobility. The unified communication platforms offer the user apps that work on tablets and smartphones. The apps are compatible with a vast array of mobile devices. The apps are also similar in both the mobile platforms and the desktop versions. This reduces the amount of time you require to learn either the mobile platform or the desktop version. It also increases the user experience in both cases.

5 Types of Unified Communication Services

Currently there are major vendors of these services that have been in the game for a while. They include Cisco, Microsoft and Avaya. Of late, however, some new vendor, ezTalks has really come up. The five best unified communication services on the market are Avaya, XO Unified Communications, Aastra Unified Communications, ezTalks and vantage:

a) Avaya

It is a renowned market leader in the Unified Communications business. It offers several communication solutions to a majority of the problems facing the communications in the digital age. Avaya works to increase the degree of team collaboration in the workplace. By making the communication platform as reliable as possible, Avaya returns the focus of the people that are communicating to the reason behind their communication as opposed to the hardware that is used to make it possible. Avaya provides a platform that enable the members to collaborate regardless of their location or the device they ae using to make the connection possible. Avaya also offers solutions to increase the customer experience thus enabling for increased customer loyalty. Avaya transforms customer relations from one-off communications to long-lasting, sustainable relationships. Avaya accomplishes this by self-service, intelligent routing, pro-active communications and multi-channel interactions.

b) ezTalks

This is one vendor that offers the customer a variety of innovative solutions tailored to increase your communication experience. Their video and web conferencing is one of a kind. The sound is the most important part of video conferencing. ezTalks makes this possible by giving an audio quality that is comparable to none. You get crystal clear HD sound. They also give you the option of sending a text message even as you video conference. This is in a case where you are talking about a document so you message the person on the other end with an attachment of the same document. It also has a screen sharing software so you can get everyone reading from the same page without digressing. The app also makes a record of all your video conferences in case you need to refer back. ezTalks is also available for a great array of devices both PC and mobile.

c) XO Unified communications

This Verizon company offers an excellent portfolio in which the customers can access UC portfolios seamlessly. They offer the user an efficient method of connection for video conferencing. They give you premise-based calls at a fraction of the contemporary cost. The voice thereafter generated is also of high quality. The company also offers intelligent call routing. This enables you to route calls based on the information provided.

d) Aastra Unified Communications

They have, for the past 30 years, been depended upon by numerous companies to offer reliable unified communication solutions. They offer a large variety of features to help with the same. All the features are tailored to increase productivity and customer responsiveness.

e) Vantage Unified communications

They offer their clients the opportunity to increase communications with customers through Maxcustomerconnect.


If you are in need of an application that satisfies all your communication needs, then you should definitely acquire a UC. There have been age-old UCs like Avaya and there are the newbies that are coming up in the market such as ezTalks.