What is Unified Communications

Unified communications platform is the next big change coming to organizations. It is changing the way organizations used to work and there is a huge impact on organizational productivity when these tools are applied to an organization. Unified communication in business is playing a pivotal role in organizational changes and resource optimization.

There is a widespread adoption spree of various unified communication tools in all types of organizations small and big. For a large organization it is a necessity,for a small organization it makes them future ready and they can scale up at any point of time without any issues with communications.

Part 1: What is Unified Communications?

Part 2: What are the Key Benefits of Unified Communications?

Part 3: What are Additional Features Offered by Unified Communication Platforms?

Part 4 (Optional): How is Unified Communication Platforms Different from a High End VOIP EPBAX System?

Part 1: What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications is an emerging technology which brings all kinds of communications. Namely,calls,mails,video calls,conferences,etc. to a single platform. Added to it,the unified communications platforms try to make the communications device independent or provide separate applications for all platforms. A person can attend a meeting using his mobile while the person he is meeting is on a desktop.

Part 2: What are the Key Benefits of Unified Communications?

There are three key benefits of the unified communications platform.

Enhanced Accountability and Transparency

When all communications are on a single channel,there is no question that someone can deny that they did not check their email or instant messenger. It's all there on a single platform and no one can deny or accuse someone for any kind of communication gap. The series of communications is time lined,recorded and available at all times.

Increased Productivity

Where there is a trail of communications,there is an increase in the productivity of the employees and an improvement in organizational performance. People always find them accountable and try to perform at their best.

Cost Cutting

Having multiple platforms for communication means multiple bills at multiple facilities of the organization. Unified communication tools bring them to a single bill for all facilities and reduce the communication expenditure to a great extent.

Part 3: What are Additional Features Offered by Unified Communication Platforms?

Unified communication provides all kinds of conventional communication options along with some new enhanced method of communication. These include:

HD Video Conferencing

Now your employees can video conference with each other across different offices which might be spread across different continents using HD video conferencing. Multiple personnel from different offices can sit together and work on a project from different offices.

HD Voice

The HD voice platforms provide your organization an edge over the competitors. The HD voice ensures that every word your employees speak among themselves or with the customers is conveyed properly with no disturbance.

Group Resource Sharing

Now your employee can send a media file like a photograph,a video or a document to as many employees he wants to send it to. With a click of a button,he can broadcast the message to the intended recipients. A much awaited feature that most instant messengers lacked.

Part 4 (Optional): How is Unified Communication Platforms Different from a High End VoIP EPBAX System?

A unified communication platform performs all features of a high end VOIP EPBAX system along with some extraordinary features that set it apart. Here are two of the features that will help you understand the difference between a high end VOIP EPBAX and a Unified Communication platform.

Device Independent

In a VOIP system there are devices like special handsets which are the only medium of communication. If one needs to connect with the network,they will need access to one of those devices. However,Unified communication is a breed apart that one can connect with the network using an app on any popular smartphone platforms like Android and iOS.


On a unified communication platform there is a transparent logging system which records all the messages communicated between the two personnel. It is a great security tool and brings in great accountability among the employees. VOIP has a logging system which can only be accessed by the administrators of the network,which causes a lack of transparency among the employees.

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