What to Look for in an Employee Training Software System

If you are a Human Resources professional in charge of tracking employee training, you know how difficult it can be to manage employee affairs using Excel: it just is not designed to handle all of the different applications that are needed to do a good job. However, you can obtain employee training management software specifically meant for the kinds of tasks you are required to do.

All employees need to be trained from time to time, even those who have been with a company for years! Recertification may be necessary, and there are always changes in procedure that must be learned the right way. Managing and tracking employee training can be extremely difficult to do correctly without having a customized software system to help.

Here are some of the key features for a good employee training tracking software system.

employee training software

-- A good online training software system will be all-inclusive and self-contained. Everyone who needs to access any application should be able to do so on one system without having to have the headaches and confusion of having certain applications in different places.

-- The system should be able to handle the needs of employees and trainers, and all the way up to upper-level management. Limited access features and different portals ensure that everyone can see and do what they need to without sacrificing privacy or security.

-- It should be easy to use. There are always different levels of computer expertise within any business, and some are quicker to catch on than others. Since a company only wants to use one self-contained system, the program should feature a simple, intuitive interface that anyone can become familiar with in no time.

-- The software should be flexible enough to enable it to be used even in multi-divisional organizations. Not every part of a large company will require the same training, of course, and training for different divisions should be able to be configured so that it may be managed separately but on the same system.

-- As for the meat of the software, it should allow trainers and supervisors to keep track of the type of training that is needed for which employees and when.it should alert employees when training courses are scheduled. Provide email service for more accurate tracking and reporting. And create lists such as the training histories of individuals, and different levels of access allowed them.

-- Employees should be able to request training sessions quickly, keep track of their training accounts, take exams on-line if they are offered, and make every other application they need to make sure they are waiting up to date and ready to perform their duties.

-- No HR professional worth his salt wants to see employees fall through the cracks when it comes to getting the training they need. Trained employees are good employees who will not only be more productive but who are also more likely to stay on the job longer. The software will generate reports about who needs what kind of training and when they need it. No more falling through the cracks!

-- Software can also keep track of long-term employee training re-certifications and continuing education. In many industries, such as in construction and manufacturing, continuing education for employees is necessary to remain in compliance with OSHA regulations as well as those from other agencies. Having a program help keep track of it all ensures that your company will stay in compliance at all times.

-- Notifying employees of upcoming training classes are always a headache: a program will automatically email workers with notifications of upcoming training, so there is less chance of someone being overlooked.

-- Good employee training software easily allows its reports and other data to be exported to other commonly used office systems such as Excel. Data can also be emailed out of a house if necessary. Any incoming system such as this should interface with the others you are currently using.

-- Once a training session is complete, the software allows you to create then conduct customized surveys to gauge the effectiveness of your training programs. The system will even collect survey findings for statistical analysis purposes and allows you to rank your in-house and out of house training providers according to the results of the study. You can then make any necessary adjustments and continue to improve and refine your training programs.

Employee training is too important to conduct and track in a piecemeal way: you need to use software that has been particularly designed to help you handle all of the daily tasks you are asked to do and to do them as easily and as simply as possible.

Using training software for employee such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting significantly reduces the chances of human error and helps to make sure that every employee is on the right training track. Getting the best software possible will make any business more efficient and more competitive in the marketplace.