7 Useful Tips for Conducting Productive Meetings Online

Hosting an online meeting is always a difficult task, and if you do not know how to manage it properly, then you may not get the best outcome with it. But certain tips that can help you organize productive meetings online with utmost simplicity. The best and the most amazing thing about these tips is that all are easy to follow and it works great in every situation. But if you do not know what makes a productive meeting, then below we will share some productive meetings guidelines so you can also organize your meetings smartly and more efficiently.

productive online meetings

1. Firm Objective

You can divide a meeting into several parts, but it can give productive output to you only if you have a firm objective for same. So, before you set up a meeting, make sure you set a clear agenda for this. If you cannot define the agenda of the meeting in five to seven words then it is not clear enough in your mind. With this clear agenda, you will know the exact content that you need to create for this meeting and number of people that need to attend the meeting.

2. Do the Planning

It does not matter you are doing an online meeting or you are hosting an offline meeting, you cannot get any productive results without proper planning. So, when you host the meeting, then it is essential you do all the planning before initiating the meeting. This planning includes sending the invitation for attendees, selection of online meeting software, its configuration, and testing for same. In case, you do not know what online meeting software you should use, then ezTalks Cloud Meeting could be a great choice as it offers a plethora of services for easy productive online meetings. And when you do this, then make sure you test it once before going live so you don't get any trouble at the time of the meeting.

3. Attention on Details

Detailed planning is one of the most essential productive meeting tips that can help you get the best result. Paying attention to the detail will make it shorter but highly effective with ease. For details, you can also check some online productive meeting agenda templates, and you can get some ideas from there. That will certainly enhance your overall experience for you. Also, you should ask yourself various questions so that you can have the answer for those possible questions in the meeting.

4. Make It Short

Making it short is one of the best ways to have productive meetings online. If you can complete a meeting in 35 minutes, then don’t extend it for next ten more minutes because you booked the meeting software for 45 minutes. Keeping it short will make your more productive because you will come to the point quickly and you will come to the conclusions well.

5. Suitable Time

When you organize online meetings, then many time attendees may join the meeting from different time zones. The idea of a productive meeting meaning is simple everyone needs to be a part of that meeting. In the case of an online meeting that may not be possible unless you choose a time that is practical for all. With some research, you can surely find a time when all the participants will feel the full energy in themselves. This will make sure none of the attendees are dulls and they all will actively participate in the meeting

6. Make It Interesting

Any meeting can turn into a boring lecture unless it is interesting and going on with the fast pace. If you choose ezTalks then you can use annotation and whiteboard animation to share your message. This will keep the meeting interesting and you will be able to get most out of it. So, if we talk about the productive meeting tips, keeping it interesting should be one of the key factors for that. In addition to this, you can encourage the participants to ask questions between the meetings and you can answer that instantly. It will certainly increase the enthusiasm in the meeting and final results will be much better for you.

7. Have a Conclusion

Many people wonder what does productive meeting mean, and the answer is simple, it should have a conclusion of the meeting. If you are not able to come up with a conclusion for the agenda in the meeting, then you cannot consider that as a successful or productive meeting. So, when you start the meeting, then make sure you keep it to the point, and you reach toward the conclusion before finishing the meeting.

In addition to all these factors, it is also advised that before finishing the meeting you talk about the conclusion with all the attendees. You take their opinion and confirm if they agree with the conclusive results or not. In case, you are using ezTalks, then you may also record the conclusion part of the meeting, and you can share that with all the attendees to take further action in the right direction on the time.

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