3 Different Types of Staff Training

Training your staff is essential for the growth and progress of your company. Employers having the right staff and well-trained people for the business propel the company to success. You might be having a well-endowed CEO, but in the absence of a functional staff, all efforts are naught. Staff training is different from a college education. It’s meant to prepare a staff in line with your products, services and goals and vision. Investing in your team is a sure way of making the firm successful. Technology has made it easier to train your staff from any corner of the world. ezTalks Video Conferencing makes it possible to interact and train your employees. Let’s look at the different types of staff training methods.

types of staff training


Onboarding is a process of inducting a newly employed staff into the company. The process inculcates the culture and program of the enterprise thereby providing the new member with a starting point. It’s important to discuss the challenging aspects of working in the company. Firm owners must train and empower the management team with the important ways of onboarding. Let your employee interact with the positively minded employees during the onboarding stage. It prepares and motivates your staff to join the active team and shun negativity. During this stage you should;

Communicate the company’s core values in a consistent manner
Integrate the learning process with the onboarding
Let the new employees track the performance and effectiveness of the onboarding process
Introduce them to old staff members so that they work as they learn

You can also use the information on the exit forms from the previous employees to improve your onboarding process. Most exit papers contain information of the company’s shortcomings especially regarding retaining staff. After identifying the primary reasons why most employees left, it’s possible to craft an onboarding training that eliminates the hurdles experienced by the previous staff.

Talent Management

The biggest hurdles that companies face today are getting the right talent for their jobs. Finding the best talent requires a lot of dedication to talent management. The top company leadership must provide ways of managing the talent for this training to succeed. You need to equip and convince the Human Resource department with necessary resources for this type of staff training. Let the HR understand the basics of building a healthy relationship with prospective employees before meeting them. You should authenticate the primary source of the talent before entering into negotiations with the parties concerned.

Remember you need this staff for a long-term purpose, and you can’t afford to spend your money on an unproductive employee. However, expect some challenges in your quest for talent hunting and management. Getting the best-integrated HR technology for your company is hard. Getting enough data that presents a picture of your firm is also a daunting task. You also need good HR team that can convert the insights from the collected data into a workable strategy. Equipping the HR with the appropriate strategy helps in actualizing talent management.

Performance Management

You should create a way of recognizing the efforts of your staff. Showing gratitude and appreciation creates a sense of ownership in your employees; a happy and motivated employee works hard towards the achievement of the organization’s goals and aspirations. Perform annual or semi-annual evaluations of your staff and allow them to suggest the way forward for the company. Inquire to know what your team wants and how they want it implemented. This action boosts the overall performance and productivity. Initiate programs that allow the employees to buy company shares. Ownership, albeit small, motivates the employees to work for the success of the firm. Train the human resource department and empower them to advise your staff on how to invest in the company. Proper guidance and assistance to the staff is a sure way of succeeding.


Whether you have a small staff or a big staff located all over the world, it's advisable to train your employees. The emergence of the internet had simplified things and made it easier for employees to engage remote staff. You can work from anywhere for any company in the world without necessarily going to the office. Staff training can be done in many ways including face to face or via video conferencing. Companies such as ezTalks provide affordable video conferencing facilities which enable you to connect with your staff wherever for your training purposes. A company that dreams of soaring in the future must invest heavily in proper staff training.