What Are the Huddle Room Functions?

Are you a company that has multiple offices that are located in different cities in the US or across the globe? Do you have multiple teams operating out of different offices that are geographically far away? Does your team require frequent collaboration to work on various projects? If the answer for any of the above is “Yes",then read further.

ezTalks Hardware

Supports Multiple VC Apps

ezTalks all-in-one video conferencing devices work with most popular VC apps like ezTalks,Skype for Business,Skype,Zoom,WebEx,GoToMeeting,BlueJeans,Lifesize,Google Hangouts,Facebook Messenger,Microsoft Teams and more as you require.Request A DemoActually,huddle rooms can easily accommodate a small gathering of employees and can be used for conducting inter-office meetings and discussions.With travel costs zooming through the roof and becoming more and more hectic,modern businesses have accepted the concept of huddle rooms huddle room trendswholeheartedly as it encourages discussions,brings in efficiency,saveson travel time and travel cost.After understanding the huddle room opportunity,if you want to make the most of the huddle room functions,such a simple yet powerful huddle roomsolutionare connected calledezTalks Meet Scan get your meeting transformed into a trans-continental oneand make everyone collaborate with minimal distractions!

Meet S for Utmost Huddle Room Functions

ezTalks Meet S,acompact video conferencing solution,is specifically designed for huddle rooms where a video conferencing is required between two or more huddle rooms located anywhere in the world. With an easy to install and even easier to operate the process,Meet S has already started revolutionizing the way inter-office meetings take place. It can also help to build a huddle conference room for conducting live events likevideo webinars,offering remote technical support,delivering educational training or courses and so on.

Equipped with HD camera,crystal clear audio speaker and very sensitive microphone set-up,Meet S is one of the most advanced,popular and easy-to-use devices in the market today. Infact,Meet S will bring down the cost of video conferencing drastically compared to that of the traditional video conferencing equipment,due to its compact,reliableand state-of-the-art combination hardware and even smarter software.The experience of seating in the huddle room equipped with Meet S is so overwhelming that people who have experienced it even once,are reluctant to occupy rooms that are not equipped with Meet S.

For More Details:

★ Powerful VC Software Compatibility

It allows users to choose their preferred VC software like ezTalks,Microsoft Teams and more as required.

★Brilliant Video & Audio Performance

Equipped with a 1080P camera capable of capturing 120°view of the roomwithout causing any blurring,reducing contrast or misalignment of colors and captures everyone present in the room,Meet S also comes with dual microphones andstereo speakers to deliver an HD audio-video experience to every meeting. Its dual microphones are capable of noise cancellation and capturing all conversations with amazing clarity,its stereo speakers too deliver an equally impressiveperformance with noise reduction technology that cuts down on annoying background noises and maximizes clarity.

★ All-in-One Design & Service

Thisall-in-one Meet S is extremely easy to install even for the non-technical team members. The wonderful combination of camera,speakers,microphones and cloud storage delivers a solid punch and makes meetings effective,fast and decisive by cutting down all disturbances that generally cause delays in conventional video conferencing set-ups.It is possible to share screen/files between the participating teams,share a whiteboard that could be seen and used by different teams and storing the session in the cloud for easy future referenceand etc. You don't need to spend much money on many piecesof equipmentfor different functions in different scenarios!

★Successful Installation Without a Hassle

Simply install Meet S on top of the meeting room display unit in easy steps,connect the wires as indicated and get started with the ezTalks. The monitoring software can even be installed in your smartphone giving you all the controls right in your palms. Gone are the days when specially trained technicians were required to operate your video conferencing facility. With Meet S,it is so simpleand convenient that even a regular employee can turn ON the entire set-up without a hitch.

★ Multiple Ways for Control

Besides,Meet S can easily be controlled through a host of designated devices like desktop,laptops,tablets,mobile devices or the most popular device T-Voice 100.This enables you to do more with less when you're in pursuit of various huddle room benefits.

T-Voice 100 for Superior Huddle Room Communication Atmosphere

T-Voice 100 is a powerful yet simple device that adds life to the meeting with its amazing audio quality.It is an all-in-one device that is also extremely popular among Meet S usersfor huddle conference rooms.

With its built-in 5.5 HD touch screen,T-Voice 100 makes conducting and managing the meeting smooth.Capable of capturing every spoken word from anywhere in the room,T-Voice 100 can also easily deliver audio to every corner of an 80 square meter room without the need of any addition ceiling or satellite mics or speakers. Gone are the days of lags,delays and video jamming. The spatial voice separation and stereo voice make meeting lively enjoyable and effective.

As we know,the biggest drawback of the traditional video conferencing set-up is the presence of annoying background noises. With Meet S and T-Voice 100 combo,you can be assured of complete noise reduction and relief from annoying background noises bringing efficiency in meetings.With itsadvancedhardware and software,both Meet S and T-Voice 100 can deliver an HD audio & video experience for the participants.


Thanks to technology,the world is shrinking with every passing day. The huddle room benefitsattract more and more people to embrace such innovation and therefore,the huddle room market size is becoming larger and larger. Hence future looking organizationsneed to opt for video conferencing facilities in their huddle rooms to discuss,brainstorm ideas and get that competitive edge over its competition. The wonderful dual combination of Meet S and T-Voice 100 makes such meetings fun,enjoyable,efficient and time & cost effective.