16 Do’s and Don’ts of Teleconference Etiquette

With the advanced technology today, everyone in the world can set up a conference. With teleconference, it is a great way to involve parties who cannot join a particular meeting in person.

Business meetings will become more flexible and productive when you include some advanced tools such as the ezTalk Cloud Meeting app. Here, you can find some ways to share files or documents and you can also record the teleconferences or meetings.

However, there are teleconference etiquette rules that everyone has to follow to have respect for each other and a smooth meeting with all participants. There must be a positive outcome of the meeting as well as good impression among the parties involved because the lack of teleconference etiquette cannot offer any effective and desired results.

teleconference etiquette

Below are the do’s and don'ts when teleconferencing:

1. Call in from a noiseless location.

Everyone participating in the teleconference can hear every noise that you make. You have to close the door or you can consider placing a “Do Not Disturb” or “On Teleconference Session” sign on your door. This way, no outsider will disturb you while on a meeting.

2. Call in on time.

You have to be punctual. Ensure that as a participant of the meeting, you are on time. It will not give a good impression to others if you are late and you keep them waiting. Besides, callers who join late might interrupt the discussion and will distract the others.

3. Introduce yourself formally.

You have to introduce yourself by your full name, not only with your last or first name. You have to present yourself in a positive manner. Also, when you introduce yourself your full name, the others will remember your name, not with only your last or first name.

4. Say your name before speaking.

Your fellow participants may not recognize your voice or face, especially when it’s your first time or you seldom have teleconferences and you are not close. Thus, you can simply say your name before you make any comment or discuss anything.

5. Observe proper dress code and be confident.

Just because you don’t meet in person, it does not mean that you do not pay any attention to what you wear when joining a teleconference. You have to dress properly for your meetings. If you are the host of the teleconference, you have to be more careful in choosing your clothes. Or, if you apply for a job, you must keep this teleconference interview etiquette just like you take a time to dress up when you personally go to job interviews.

6. Be comfortable.

Find the most comfortable sitting position as you might sit for hours during the teleconference. Do not cross and uncross your legs so that you can focus more on the discussion. If you always change your position, you might distract the others and will not be welcomed by others, especially when it’s a video teleconference.

7. Prepare all the necessary documents beforehand.

You should be prepared well ahead with all the significant documents or files necessary for the teleconference or meeting. The materials must be sent out in advance through email to every party involved. If you haven’t received any materials at least a day before the meeting, you can ask request your colleague in advance.

8. Avoid shuffling papers or talking to other participants.

Remember that any noise you make will distract the other participants. You have to be careful so that the others can hear the discussion full well. So, do not also talk to another person when someone else in the meeting is talking.

9. Avoid using your phone.

If possible, do not use cell phones or other gadgets while having the teleconference. There is a potential poor connection or static outcome that will reduce the value and quality of the teleconference for other parties. You have to switch off your phone as it might also ring, which can distract other participants.

10. Never put the call on hold.

When a call is placed on hold, there might be the unwanted sound that will disturb the teleconference. This will greatly distract the other parties in the meeting.

11. Avoid eating.

Although you might be within your comfort zone during the meeting, you have to avoid eating during this time. You have to finish your snacks or meals before joining the teleconference.

12. Pay attention and be active.

You have to be attentive during the meeting. By this, you will be able to understand what is being discussed. Therefore, if you have some questions, you will only ask the relevant ones and you are not far off the subject matter. In addition, if you happen to have some things in mind that you can contribute, it will be good for the group.

13. Keep your table clean.

Put aside all your personal items and your table should be kept clean. When in a meeting, stuff like your phone, wallet or food may distract you and the other participants. Clean up the mess so that you can also create a positive impression on others.

14. Don't answer all emails.

While you’re on a teleconference, you must only answer relevant emails. This way, you'll be productive and still in sync with other participants.

15. Stick to the agenda.

Ensure that you all stick to the agenda of the meeting and that they are all covered. Always stay on topic. By this, you'll have a successful meeting.

16. Be a good host.

As a host, you have to be on time, you have to greet each of the participants and periodically check in with all participants to see if they have comments, suggestions or questions. Ensure that everyone is comfortable and have a good time during and after the teleconference.


For a successful meeting, teleconference call etiquette must be observed. So, keep in mind that you must be polite, confident, active and punctual.