7 Benefits of Cloud Collaboration

As we move into a modern and online applications age cloud collaboration has brought great transformations. Unlike the technology revolutions brought about by telephones, satellites and air travel, cloud collaboration has brought about even further and greater revolutions. The World Wide Web is the only medium that provides collaboration by creating a common platform. The types of collaborations include real-time, asynchronous, video, messaging and document sharing. These platforms can solve nearly all the tasks at hand.

Earlier enterprise collaboration generations technologies aimed at automating physical processes. Examples of such were scanning physical documents to make them electronic. Workflow became better and faster with help of PCs helping in creation of documents, though this were still very isolated. The web then opened up cloud collaboration, with this platform distance has been diminished and the time zones have been sliced thus team work has become a click away.

The benefits of cloud collaboration have been numerous since the beginning. People said in the past that social online were impossible until face book came along. Facebook started small but with collaboration and automation it grew into a one big system with teams. The slow progress of people joining cloud collaboration is through fear or lack of knowledge. Cloud collaboration has made working together simultaneous and immediate. Companies and people don't see how this is beneficial to them.

7 Benefits of Cloud Collaboration

There are a huge number of players who give out cloud collaboration. With their cloud collaboration services we will see benefits of cloud-based collaboration. There are huge numbers who deal with; file and document sharing, collaboration, project management, work flow, social media etc. One of the players with the best services, inclusive of; uptime, cloud support, ease of use and multiple multiservice with support of many users is ezTalks. Some of these players are dealing specifically with cloud-based collaboration. With review of their services will look at the benefits they bring us;

1. Reduced Investment

With cloud-based collaboration you only pay for the services you use. Unlike the olden time used when companies used to deploy local systems, cloud-based collaboration does that for you thus cutting a big percentage of expense. The advantage on this is that if your employee number increases, you only need to pay for extra users and if it reduces you can reduce a cut the cost.

Another evident advantage is when you are required to take over another project from another team and you gain funding, you can assimilate new users into your cloud platform.

2. Scalability

In traditional based systems, if you need to increase the functions and capacities of your system, you will have a lot of expense. This ranges from hardware purchase, licensing, configurations and hiring consultants. With cloud-based platform you will only need to scale your price and the support will all be done for you.

3. Improved Organization

With a central storage for documents, without having to send updated versions team members can work on a single document thus making work very fast. Team members won't have to keep track of the latest document version thus a lot of time will be saved and the ease of access will be high. Also the safety of documents and files is secure since log files on documents are kept and also losing a document will be no longer an issue. For those privileged documents the access will only be for those with the required privilege entry. Apart from that calamities and disasters won't put your documents and files at risk.

4. Higher Levels of Participation

All employees want to be equal at something. Cloud collaboration benefits allow all employees to have an input. Every employee will have access to certain projects of which they can add their view anywhere and at any time. With ideas that cannot be directly shared from the executives to the employees, employees can have a chance to reach out to the whole institution without having to fear or pass through too many protocols that can be discouraging.

5. Large Files Are Easy to Access

While working with emails and email servers. Larger files more than a few megabytes cannot be handled. With cloud based collaboration platform; audios, videos and large files are easy to share. Because there is storage in a cloud server, there is no need to share or send your files. If you want anyone to get your file they just go directly to the intended cloud storage and get the file without delays.

6. Updates in Real Time

Time zones and region are no longer a problem with cloud based collaboration. Teams no longer have to be physically present as they can be anywhere in the world. Updated edits and changes are real time for everyone. There is no earlier or later version. The present document is the latest so teams can work from there.

7. Improved Brainstorm

When sharing ideas, project managers and other team members rarely have ease in communication. Cloud-based collaboration is a solution to that as team members can conduct brainstorming sessions to share ideas between themselves and even with project managers and can come up with better ways of doing project or find newer projects that may be profitable.


The above are about 7 main cloud collaboration benefits. Whether you are an institution, small business owner or a part of a cooperation cloud-based computing is meant for you. Research has shown greater profits and better investment while saving with companies using cloud technology. Limit the barriers to technology and success by embracing cloud collaboration platforms.