Top 5 Amazon Chime Alternatives

Amazon Chime,which is a creation of Amazon Web Services,is among the latest communication trends. Amazon Chime is a communication service which enhances online meetings by using an application that guarantees ease of use and security. Lately,Amazon Chime has attracted a lot of talk.

Why Need Amazon Chime Alternatives?

There are concerns among people that Amazon Chime has various shortcomings which somehow curtail its efficiency. Among the shortcomings that have marred Chime include: lack of telephony which makes it is impossible to conduct audio conferencing with Amazon Chime. Further,Amazon Chime is inapplicable in environments that are on premises systems. Although Amazon Chime has the capacity to store users' chat history,it does not offer search. As a result,collaboration is discouraged. Besides,Amazon Chime's free version only allows two people to engage in basic video chat. Another notable disadvantage of Amazon Chime is limited support across browsers and incompatibility with different video systems.

Top Five Amazon Chime Alternatives

There are a number of alternatives to Amazon Chime that users perceive as popular and viable video conferencing software. They are as follows:

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is among the top video conferencing and screen sharing software used for online meetings. This alternative to Amazon Chime extends professional video conferencing services,thus enabling organizations to achieve simplified video collaboration when conducting online meetings. ezTalks Cloud Meeting has various advantages which include:

• Enable small organizations to hold meetings online with remote partners and employees without incurring costs.

• Compatibility with an all-in-one video conferencing equipment - ezTalks Onion.

• Encourage online meetings of up to 500 people.

• Meetings can be scheduled at the users' preferred time.

• Meeting sessions can be recorded.

• Video and audio information can be saved for later use.

• One-on-one chats are possible as well as instant group chat.

• Users can share screens and whiteboards.


This Amazon Chime alternative is a program that was launched by LogMeIn more than five years ago. It is an application which facilitates screen/remote controlling and file sharing in a fast manner. is a very user-friendly and effective program for hosting online meetings.

In order to use to facilitate online meetings,a person needs to first go to The next step is for a person to send a code to the people expected to participate in the meeting. The code can be sent to as few as 1 person or to as many as 200 people. The participants then type the code sent on the exact webpage used by the sender in order to join in the meeting.

3. Skype

Although Skype is primarily treated as a social networking software,it is also a video conferencing application. Skype has earned a global reputation as a free voice over IP and instant messaging service. Skype users are able to share information in the form of voice calls,text messages and videos by using the Internet. To enjoy the benefits offered by Skype,users only need to download it to their PCs or Smartphones then install it. It is a convenient tool for conducting online meetings as it encourages involvement of many people.

4. Cisco WebEx

The fourth alternative for Amazon Chime is Cisco WebEx. It is regarded as the most powerful tool for facilitating online meetings and desktop sharing. It is a suitable software that supports webinars and other online related activities. WebEx offers its users free two weeks trial of online meetings. Users can host online meetings for as long as they wish while involving 20 or slightly more people at an affordable cost. The following are key merits of WebeEx.

• Users can share about six webcams.

• Meetings can be recorded for the sake of absent attendees.

• Documents and presentations can be shared among people.

• It allows integrated voice conferencing.

5. Zoom Cloud Meeting

Zoom Cloud Meeting is a video conferencing software that supports online meetings of up to 50 people. This Amazon Chime alternative is totally compatible with Linux,Windows and Mac. It enables users to make audio records which can be saved as MP4 files for future reference.

Key features of Zoom Cloud Meeting

• Fully capable of screen sharing.

• Supports active speaker's view.

• Supports full screen,thus enhancing visual appeal.

• Saves users' chat history.

In conclusion,video conferencing technology has supported enterprises in their ambition to conduct video communication regionally and internationally. As shared in this article,there are various Amazon Chime alternatives which have enhanced video conferencing. The rich features and merits of the various alternatives to Amazon Chime facilitate remote collaboration.