How to Livestream an Event for Free?

LiveStream Events

Why Livestream Events?

In the new age of rapid information and instant communication, it can be crucial for you and your company to established direct contact with your customers and partners.

One of the best ways to do this is to livestream an event. This increases your public exposure while providing viewers insight into you or your company.

ezTalks Livestreaming Tool

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How Do I Livestream for Free?

So how do you livestream an event? Livestreaming events probably appears to be an enticing option for you, but many of the top softwares for this project require pay and are very expensive to maintain. As a result, many people ask about how to livestream an event for free. The best app to use for livestreaming for free is ezTalks Webinar.

Let's say you have a business where your customers are from different locations and you wish to make a presentation that will benefit them. Would you invite them to a certain location? Save yourself the time, money and energy by live streaming events online free. An example of a free tool for such purpose is the ezTalks webinar.

A webinar is one way to host a video meeting or interact with multiple persons online. It takes away the cumbersome procedures of renting a venue, traveling to places and spending money unnecessarily. With the ezTalks webinar, you can stream a live event for free and everyone in your team will benefit regardless of their location. ezTalks makes it easy to create the Webinars, and the steps are below.

Step 1: Publish Your Webinar: Sign into your ezTalks account (you have to sign up an account beforehand), and click “Schedule your webinar.” Fill in all the required details such as the topic, start time, and registration status. After all this information is filled in, publish your webinar.

Step 2: Invite People: Return to the main page to find the webinar listed under the “My webinars” tab. If you right-click on the webinar, you can delete, preview, or invite people to your webinar. To enhance the experience and streamline entry for your participants, incorporating a ticket scanner app could be highly beneficial. This app allows for easy management and verification of attendee registrations through a simple scan of their digital tickets.

Step 3: Add Specifications: There are more details and features in the “Schedule your webinar” tab, which will help make your webinar more effective and easier for people to join. The first tab, “Details,” allows you to select when the webinar begins, registration/approval requirements, and whether to automatically upload the entirety of the webinar to the cloud.

The second tab is the “Waiting Room” tab, which allows you to create a custom cover for any webinar attendees that may have arrived on the site early. It also allows you to write an agenda near the bottom of the screen. And lastly, if you choose to have registration on, you can require certain questions and information from attendees through the customizable tab.

How to Livestream an Event For Free – Tips

ezTalks is one of the best webinar platforms to use for your video meetings or presentations. Here are some tips that will help you get started on making these effective and reach a wider audience.

Get A Quality Device With A Strong Internet Connection

This could be any device, but a laptop would be better. However, it all depends on whether it is a professional meeting or just a social online gathering. In the case of a social online event, you can use your mobile phone to live stream events free. Ensure that your network connection is very strong so that you or your audience do not miss out even a little. Without a strong internet connection, livestreaming free is almost impossible.

Make a Quiet Office or Space Available

As for how to stream a live event for free, a webinar hosting location matters as it can determine the quality of image and sound. If you wish to use a home office, it has to be free of any noise during the webinar session. The point is to make sure there are no interference of any kind. This also includes computer and cell phone notifications that could cause distractions.

Register an Account With a Webinar Platform

The only way to get across to a large audience online is via a webcasting platform. There are no two ways about it. Webinar platforms like ezTalks are efficient online tools that connects you to your audience. The quality of video they provide is impressive.

Make a Schedule

Once you've picked a free livestreaming platform, it is important to pick a date to go live. Remember, this is like any other event, the only difference is that it is online. Also, there is room for more audience. Get a script ready because it will help you remain focus and keep track of time. Time is essential in everything we do.

Decide Your Audience

One of the advantages of a webinar is the ability to accommodate a large audience. You don't need to worry about the size of the venue as you would when preparing a physical event. You must know the size of your audience and provide this information to the webinar platform in order for them to satisfy your needs.

Run a Test

When you are ready to go live, the first thing to do is to download the platform app. For example, ezTalks webinar allows you to download their app in order to set-up an online room. Before you connect your audience, you must run a test.

If this is your first time, you should run a test webinar before connecting with your audience. After setting a date to livestreaming event free, run a test before that date. This is to ensure that your devices are in good condition and the tools you need are available.

Every time you livestream events free with ezTalks webinar there is this satisfaction that that comes along. This is one reason why webinars are increasingly becoming popular. People enjoy it because it has helped them to reach a greater audience and achieve their goals.


All in all, it is obvious the ezTalks webinar solution and software is by far the best on the market. Not only is it free for use to everyone, it also has an extremely streamlined method of providing services to its users. The user experience is top-tier, being easy to navigate and is intuitive.

Customer service and tech support is even better, and is drastically different from other livestreaming services, which tend to be rude and not caring of your situation. Anyone that wants to learn how to livestream effectively online should follow ezTalks’ formula and use its template of efficient and popular event livestreaming for all their corporate and personal needs.