How to Write A Webinar Agenda?

Webinars are the new development in the world of marketing. Alternatively, known as “permission marketing”, it works on the participation of the potential customers. Consumers participate in this because they feel that knowing about the product or brand closely, will help them make an informed decision. The following part will tell tips about how to write a webinar agenda.

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The etiquettes of writing a webinar agenda


a) Choose the topic in advance

The first thing to do in your webinar agenda is to plan the date and time of the webinar in advance. The consumers you want to target might have a busy schedule and a prior notice will help them to be free.

b) Choose a proper webinar tool

If you are looking to create a presentation for free, then choose a good webinar tool. You will have to choose a webinar tool on the basis of the expected amount of people who are going to join your webinar. The webinar agenda should also include the clarity of the interaction with clients will be needed or not and the details of the webinar. It should also be clear if the webinar will be further conducted in a series of meetings. One of the best webinar platform is ezTalks webinar that you can use for writing the agenda and hosting the webinar.

All the tools normally include a number of features like:

They offer important tools like screen sharing, online whiteboard tool which helps in enhanced interaction.

They support a webinar for almost 100 people. Also, it is completely free till 100 people.

Most of the tool support all the operating systems like iOS, Android, Macintosh OS X and Windows.

They come with a webinar recording feature as well. Many people get confused on the how to create a webinar agenda part. This feature is for them. They can completely record the webinar at first for future references.

It also helps with notifying the participants about the forthcoming webinars with their time.

The practice of writing a webinar agenda

While thinking of how to write a webinar agenda, do not forget to practice for the webinar. Write the agenda script template for yourself. Then rehearse it for two-three times with the webcam on. And ezTalks webinar has a practice mode as well.

The important points to practice are:

a) Switching between the speakers

b) Process of taking a poll

c) The procedure of sharing audio, video and files while the actual event.

d) Invitation and Agenda

The invitation of the webinar should contain an outline of the topics that are going to be covered during the webinar as for how to write a meeting agenda. The invitation should cover the time of the webinar and the key points of the discussion. Make yourself as clear as possible while writing the webinar agenda template. The participants should get a clear idea and should be able to determine if the webinar will be useful to them or not.

Also, be clear about what you want the participant to do after the webinar. When forming a webinar agenda template, decide if you will take questions from the participants in the end or not.

Your agenda script should be written in the following way:

Greet the participants in the beginning. Host: Thank you for taking out your time and joining us here. I am (name) from (company name) and I am designated at (designation). Also, do not forget to tell the participants to type their queries and questions in the question box while the webinar is going on in the process of how to create an agenda. Tell them if you will answer it immediately or at the end of the webinar.

e) Audience Invitation

Invite the clients according to your agenda of the webinar and the results you are seeking after it. Always ask for a RSVP response so you have an idea about the probable number of participants. This can help you prepare a follow up as well. Include social media channels and blogs in you agenda for the participation of the targeted clients.

f) Design of the Presentation

Your agenda should definitely include the design part. If the online presentation is entertaining and informative, then a lot of people will be able to get attracted to it and will listen to it properly. Send some of the materials to the participants before the live webinar. Include the list of making those materials in your agenda.

g) Post webinar follow-up

While making the agenda, this is the first point that you should add. The whole point of hosting the webinar and forming up the agenda is the action that will be taken by the participants after it. Be it a webinar for selling a product or joining a particular company or increasing your social media reach. The action needs to be taken. Inform them about the preceding meetings as well, if any.

Webinars are necessary right now because they convey an expertise of the business more clearly to the consumer. So in order to make best of your webinar and engage the customers, a good webinar agenda is both important and easy with the above mentioned agenda script.