How to Do Live Streaming for Your Event

Live streaming refers to the real-time broadcasting of a live video to an audience over the internet. Its popularity has grown over the years and viewed as one of the best and the fastest ways to share and broadcast real-time information. One of the major benefits of live streaming in large events is that you can directly engage with your audience and get real-time feedback. Apart from quick feedback, you can also broadcast your event live to reach out to large numbers with minimal input. This article list the steps of how to do a live stream your event using ezTalks Webinar as an example.

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ezTalks Webinar makes it easy and less demanding for you by taking away the technical part so you can focus on appearing behind the camera. It provides a platform that ensures your audience stays impressed and satisfied with the quality of live video they get from your end by the following steps:

Step 1. Go to the ezTalks official website ( and choose webinar from the available menu options.

Step 2. Initiate the registration process by entering your email address. A confirmation mail will be sent to the provided email address for activation.

Step 3. After you have confirmed the sent mail, ezTalks requires you to provide few registration details for setting up your account.

Step 4. You can thereafter schedule a webinar by simply clicking the Schedule a webinar link.

In this step, you can also choose to stream your live event on Facebook and YouTube to attract more audience.

Step 5. The platform requires you to enter webinar details like the name of the meeting, start time, duration and optional description of the meeting.

Step 6. After the meeting is set, you are provided with options to start, edit and invite members to the meeting. You can invite members to the meeting via contacts or by mail.

Invitation via contacts allows you to invite groups to your conference event as well. The First time you click start, you are prompted to download the ezTalks webinar file that runs on your PC.

Step 7. After downloading and running the webinar application, you need to provide the previously entered email address and password for signing in. Upon successful login, you will view the scheduled webinar and other important details.

Step 8. When the webinar starts, ezTalks webinar offers the ability to record a conference to the cloud and an email will be automatically sends you a notification after the recorded webinar has ended.

In this way, you can live stream your events with the webinar tools to impress the eye. Another thing to be noticed in live stream events online is that a good webinar tool is the key to your live stream event. The ezTalks webinar proves to be the best platform for scheduling and holding online events due to its simplicity and attractiveness. The user interface is superb with excellent color combination to impress the eye. If you are the meeting owner, you can clearly see the set time for the meeting and edit meeting details from the application. It also gives a list of the previous sessions by selecting the history tab.

Users can record the meeting with video and audio or just audio only by selecting the settings option. Through the application, users can access live support from a 24/7 customer support service. The application provides an option to start a conversation with one of the ezTalks experts to address your problem. Alternatively, you can do a quick search for a question that falls under the FAQs such as how can I live stream. The same information can be accessed from the ezTalks website only after you have logged in to your account.

As we can experience in the ezTalks webinar for how do I stream, interactivity is at the heart of live streaming which should not only allow for HD video/audio transmission to all audience from whichever part of the world but also feedback collected easily by implementing quick polls and survey tools provided in the application. Additionally, you can fetch more information that is useful from your webinars by analyzing the statistics as well as the trends to obtain comprehensive reports. You can invite many people to your conference to achieve an extended audience for your single webinar.

The webinar tool for live streaming has powerful features that make it the ultimate choice in live streaming. To begin with, you can use the ezTalks app to run a custom webinar and record a live event. The app comes with an interactive whiteboard and an option to share the screen. It is also bundled with group audio, video and a feature for IM chat.

It is not very complicated process to do a live streaming as long as you chose the right webinar tool like ezTalks Webinar which offers services at an affordable cost for everyone who needs to do streaming events live to the web. The webinar application offered by ezTalks comes with excellent features that make streaming and recording simple and enjoyable for live stream my event. Videos and audios are streamed with the highest quality. The audience can also chat within the application thereby providing real-time feedback about a particular event for live event video streaming. If you need your information to get to many people without much hustle from you, this platform is recommended.