Introducing ezTalks Screen Sharing for Windows

Life has become much easier with the invention of the new technologies. In the current conditions,you can be multi-tasking and can perform different types of job simultaneously at the comfort of your convenient places with an internet connection only. Thanks to the developed technologies that made it possible for the employees to attend the meeting through the web conferencing tools. They do not need to travel for hours to attend a meeting. In fact,the tools are coming with many improved technologies that allow screen sharing,remote screen sharing,and desktop sharing. You can perform your job flawlessly with the touch of some buttons only.

Easy Screen Sharing Software

Free for up to 100 ViewersClear and Fluent Screen SharingWhiteboard and Co-annotationGroup Video/Audio/IM ChatRemote Control and RecordSIGN UP FREE NOWIntroductionRemote screen sharing is a kind of software that enables the user to control one computer from another and do the screen sharing. The control will be almost literal. You will have the full control over the keyboard and the mouse. The remote desktop sharing is considered very effective and less time-consuming. It can be a great help for those who share desktops,documents,and applications. They can share all these things within a couple of minutes.The desktop screen sharing offers screen sharing in various events including the online meetings,Internet training,web conferences,and online presentations. You will find different types of the platform that offer screen sharing feature. If you are looking for the best one,a timely solution,and a free service,you can consider the ezTalks Cloud Meeting.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a cloud-based video conferencing solution. This online collaboration tool offers a unique platform for the online communications and the meetings. With the integration of the HD audio and the video,an innovative slate,and multi-platform chat,ezTalks wants to offer a complete and easy solution to all types of the video conferencing. It helps the users to communicate effectively with the high-definition videos,audio,and instant messaging. With the ezTalks Cloud Meeting,you can arrange any type of online events including law,health,and the finance. ezTalks offer a wide range of the features such as the instant screen,instant messaging,whiteboard,and the screen sharing.

It is easy to access the ezTalks screen sharing platform. You can have it through the secured purchase and the download. Even the free service will be available. But it will offer some limited features. With the paid service,the number of the participants for the meetings will be flexible depending on the purchase of the plan. With the free version,you can start a meeting with multiple groups up to 100 participants. In addition,you will have a user-friendly inference and easy-to-use setting for any online meeting needs.

Why is screen sharing software useful?

The screen sharing software allows you to control one screen from another. You can literally control the remote screens. You can control the keyboard and use it depending on your requirement. The remote screen sharing software is considered very effective for the live presentations over the video conferencing systems. The applications might vary a little depending on the purpose of the use and the type of the meeting. For example,if you are using a business meeting,you will need different applications from a meeting that is organized for the educational purposes. In both the conditions,the objective will be same. The software will help the user to debate on any issue live in the best possible manner.

When can you use ezTalks screen sharing software?

You can use this software for any type of the personal and professional meetings. You can use it in different conditions when you need to control the remote screen. You can use it for the online training,for the presentations,and to teach your new employees. In addition,you can consider the followings.

You can use the screen sharing software for the presentations.

It can be helpful for preparing the annual reports.

You can use this software to demonstrate your goal.

It can be used for the online training.

You can use it for any type of the business meeting.

It can be used by the educational institutions for the conference.

As mentioned earlier,you can use it for any type of the online collaboration where you need to control multiple screens.

How to use ezTalks screen sharing in video conferencing

It is very easy to use the ezTalks screen sharing software during the live presentations. You can visit the official site of the ezTalk and can choose any of the free and paid versions. With the free version,up to 100 participants will be allowed to view your screen live. If you go with the paid version,the number will be 500. You just need to download the software to use this feature.

The remote screen sharing is a great feature that helps in making demonstrations or illustrations during the video conferences. With an effective screen sharing program like ezTalks,it will be easier to share the reports,carry out any training,and to demonstrate the teamwork.