Top 5 Free Internet Conferencing Software

Let us first understand what Internet conferencing is. It is a meeting being conducted between many participants sitting at different locations,using internet. They discuss between themselves by viewing at the other participants. The viewing is done by using a HD video monitor in a conference room or on a desktop computer or as small as smart phone. To do this entire one need to have free internet conferencing software. This software is easily available in the market. Normally the software providers also install them for their customers. So it is just buy,install and use type of software. Now let us look at some of the free internet conferencing software and their salient features.

1. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is user friendly video conferencing software. Through this software,up to 100 people can have a meeting sitting at different locations together. This marvelous software can connect people around the globe within no time. ezTalks Meetings can handle any size of your requirement for your communication under one roof. The product is creative and active. Almost all of the large industry has started using this free internet conferencing software widely. It almost has all the robust features such as HD video conferencing,control by remote sharing of the screen etc. The other attractive ezTalks Meetings has is quick invitation to the participants,high resolution,recording the proceedings,one can also preplan their meetings and this software sends invitations by default,live text chat is also possible. All said and done,one has the full control over this software.

2. Zoho ShowTime

Zoho ShowTime calls themselves “Meet anyone,anywhere.” One of the features that Zoho provides is just install and conduct the meeting instantly. This free internet conferencing software facilitates the internet meeting to you from anywhere either through a desktop,website or any browser. The screen is shared without any loss of time. This internet conferencing free software is browser supported,has multiple platform easy plug-ins and also a embed website. Zoho ShowTime believes that sitting at one’s home one can close a deal without moving out of their house.

3. ClickMeeting

This Internet conferencing free software integrates data,voice,and video. It becomes easy to hold meetings over the Internet. Size does not matter for ClickMeeting,be it a person or a large multinational company,they can serve any one. The software is a complete package it takes care from preparation to presentation,followed by interaction among the participants. ClickMeeting is of the opinion that whoever has this software the sales generate quickly as the viewers can interact clarify their concerns,they utilize the expertise of others and create the market. ClickMeeting gives a 30-day free trial. The standard features in the Internet conferencing software free application is sharing chat,messaging,electronic hand raising,on-demand webcasting and presentation streaming.

4. Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom Cloud Meetings is an integrated room based system solution for video,web,audio,instant messaging and group chat. Zoom cloud’s online video meetings helps build and maintain a strong relationship with the customer. They say that their free internet conferencing software is an integral part of any business is of any size. Success has followed Zoom cloud’s internet free conferencing software where ever it is installed. This is an All-in-one Platform while it is easy to use,has quality audio,video & screen share,work every time,manages all bandwidth connection,work with any device,allows mobility,has IT Dashboards and Controls,allows for live support during meeting.

5. Vidyo

The internet video conferencing free software is easy to use,great for video calls,good audio. Further it allows sharing presentations and having multiple users all at a time. However one cannot text or leave messages to user while on offline. With a good internet connection the software works wonderful.


Thus the internet conferencing software is without any doubt is here to stay. These marvelous software are user friendly to use and are easily available in the market. Concluding the conferences can be started without any delay and with full comfort.