Comparing WebEx and GoToMeeting: Which is Better?

Web conferencing solutions are among the inevitable solutions almost every business must think about in today’s highly globalized business environment. These solutions give businesses the power to connect to a wide range of individuals,collaborate,and share information at a global scale. Web conferencing thus transforms the way business is done and helps businesses to reduce operating expenses such as travel costs.

With many different web conferencing service providers in the sphere,you have viable options to empower your business and stay on top of the game at all times. WebEx and GoToMeeting are among the most popular solutions that you are sure to meet in your search for the best web conferencing services. To help you choose the solution that best solves your business needs,we hereby provide a WebEx vs GoToMeeting comparison.

About WebEx

Cisco WebEx is a collection of on-demand web conferencing applications that you can use in various areas of business. Whether it’s running marketing campaigns,organizing large online events,delivering interactive training,providing live technical support,or collaborating with colleagues remotely,WebEx offers the right solution. It is built on a secure,available and highly flexible Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud (more on this below),and delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to provide real-time collaboration.

About GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a video conferencing and collaboration software designed to allow you launch meetings from a variety of locations such as MS Office,email,and instant messaging tools. This solution can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud through various systems including PC,iOS,Mac,Android,and Linux. Users can enjoy seamless video and text chatting,screen sharing and many other features as they organize and participate in collaborative online meetings and demos. With its functionality,GoToMeeting can share a maximum of 6 HD video feeds per conferencing session.

Most of the features offered by the two solutions are almost similar. Both allow for real-time multi-point video and audio conferencing with integrated audio and voice over IP. They also allow for one-click meetings and easy invites. Sharing of screens,applications and documents is easy on both platforms.

However,there are a few distinctive aspects you should look into more keenly as you decide on which platform to use.

WebEx Vs GoToMeeting: Which is Better?

Video conferencing

All paid up versions of WebEx can support a maximum of 7 simultaneous video feeds. GoToMeeting supports up to 6 live video feeds.

However,it’s important to note that GoToMeeting product tiers provide video feeds at a higher quality (640x480p) compared to WebEx which only offers 720p for their Training Center solution.

Audio conferencing

WebEx gives meeting attendees the freedom to choose whether or not to enable their camera when video calling. If the camera is enabled,the application streams a live video feed; and when it’s not activated the result is a clear audio feed.

GoToMeeting allows you to choose between a toll-based number,a toll-free option,or VoIP when calling via a computer,mobile device or even landline.

Security features

Security is very critical to business continuity and safety.

GoToMeeting solutions are built with security as a priority. Standards-based cryptography,an intuitively constructed hosted service infrastructure and user interface have been combined for maximum integrity and confidentiality. GoToMeeting in-built security measures include SSL-encrypted website,end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption,automatic inactivity time-out,strong passwords and a safety-oriented user interface.

WebEx comes with Cisco security features. It is delivered over the Cisco Collaboration Cloud,which fashions multilayer security that is validated by meticulous independent audits such as SSAE-16 and ISO 27001. You are therefore assured of a highly-available web conferencing infrastructure that is purposefully built for flawless real-time communications.


Cisco WebEx supports more integrations that GoToMeeting.

Precisely,WebEx allows you to start meetings from more than 26 applications including Dropbox,Box,Zendesk,GitHub,Nimble,Pardot,Zapier,Configio,BizLibrary,Highspot,Bitium,MS Outlook,etc.

With GoToMeeting,you can start or join conversations instantly from 9 business systems and applications including Slack,Salesforce Sales Cloud,Acuity Scheduling,Microsoft Office 365,Hatchbuck,Podio,1CRM,and Accord LMS.

Pricing differences

GoToMeeting offers a 14-day Free Trial package with which you can enjoy one-click meetings,free web audio conference calls,and screen sharing. This plan allows for meetings of only up to 3 participants. GoToMeeting paid plans include:

- Starter – up to 10 participants ($19/month)

- PRO – up to 50 participants ($29/month)

- Plus – up to 100 participants ($49 per month)

All of these plans are billed annually.

WebEx offers the following premium plans:

-The Premium 8 plan that allows up to 8 people per meeting - $24 per month or $19/month if you take an annual plan

-The Premium 25 plan for up to 25 participants - $49 per month or $39/month for an annual plan

-The Premium 60 plan allows up to 100 people in a meeting - $69 per month or $49/month for an annual plan.

Obviously,the costlier the plan the more the conferencing features you can enjoy.

Choosing the best web conferencing platform

Choosing the best service largely depends on your business’ needs and budget. WebEx is great for large online meetings while GoToMeeting is considered by many users as a better option for product presentations and sales demos.

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