7 Types of Online Communication

If you avail the internet,you possibly avail internet oriented communications to contact friends,family members or co-workers. From giving an instant messages to e-mailing,to make video calls,to hosting video conference,internet provides different methods of communication. There are plenty of tools that can be successfully and easily used in an internet setting to communicate and collaborate. Mostly these types of online communication for organization are only used in actual time settings. So they highly depend on different kinds of media like visual and auditory,can be experienced with number of accessibility hindrance and might contain difficult interfaces.

Video Conferencing:

Video conferencing have progressed to become one of the best types of online communication. Organization benefit from online conferencing through meetings. The reason for this is meetings let for the discussion of business improvement and the coordination of ideas. Video conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting let for organizing meetings. It does not matter about the physical locations of a participant therefore best for emergency times. This shows that this promises a quick redress of organization problems and raised productivity. It is affordable and facilitates nonverbal communication also.


Chats can be explained like online text messages which occur in real time. Users of internet relay chat use an outside program to make a connection with the IRC server. This shows that the accessibility of this primarily depends on the customer's accessibility. This tool is availed by technical members. Instant messaging is a downloadable program which people avail to communicate. Web based chat are online chats that are accessed through a normal browser. Normally a part of the screen or the full screen refreshes regularly.


Interactive whiteboards are the most new types of communications tools on the internet. They are famous tools for online communication in education. They are useful because they let users to draw,write and communicate with the assistance of an interface that activates a real physical whiteboard. These have become the best online education tools due to the reason their features help in learning. Whiteboards need users to get a mouse to include some content.


There are many methods by that online forums are meant to as,these are discussion boards,discussion groups,and bulletin boards. They can be explained like areas where the users are permitted to post the questions or comments. These forums online are keyboard accessible. These tools use inaccessible for registration. These are insightful tools in education because they has plenty of valuable information.

Voice over IP:

VoIP is a word which is availed in reference to a voice changing that is made over the internet link instead of over the normal phone line. Several big companies avail VoIP in place of the traditional phone line. It must be considered that it is probable to do VoIP calls over a system however with handsets or a USB headset. The calls are audio oriented and a good example of this kinds of communication tools is Skype. Web 2.0 has developed a new approach and vision from improving technology in to highly interactive and communicational. Magazine such as websites were replaced with interactive,powerful online spaces where authors and visitors can give and assist creating the site and shape the information.


Email is also called as electronic mail is among the old tools in types of online communications. It let users to change photos,get news,and send files from different part of the globe. This tool is highly used for public communication,especially in mailing lists. This is not exhaustive because there are other fundamental online tool for communication like newsletters,websites and social networks. The internet has used a better amount of new key stream communication tools which has revolutionized things. The reason for this is different kinds of tools for online communication have greatly decreased the time spend in making and providing messages.

Social Networks:

Social networks has established from knowing that active users online might need to connected and get in touch with each other providing news,life updates,interests etc. Profiles pages which assist you to study about each other were placed in several websites and connected collectively with messaging,chats and extra features like music,video and photo sharing,schooling,group by interests and work. Few social networks are particularly made by interests,people who like music.


The internet is over simply the web,the big collection of linked networks functions like a worldwide communications hub for data. Internet traffic has mostly of text in the way emails and other folders. When the internet develops in speed and size,users included new capabilities like video and audio services. The internet possess great flexibility,taking any kind of data. Learn the different types of online communication. Choose the best tool for your company according to your needs.