The 3 Types of Business Communication

Business communication is an essential part of any enterprise. Any member of an organization should be able to share their ideas in an effective manner and to express their clear recommendations towards a company-related topic. Business communication is also related to the people from outside the company, like partners or suppliers. An effective communication inside the business environment will provide several benefits, for the company and the employees together. In the following, we will debate this concept, present the most useful forms of business communication and explain why it is so valuable for the corporate environment.

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Part 1. What Is Business Communication?

Business communication covers subjects like advertising, external relations, branding, event management, marketing, and any other topic related to the organizational structure of that company. Business communication should not be mistaken for technical communication or professional communication, even though they are strongly related. The business type of communication can be considered a common language for any company, no matter its area of expertise. This type of interaction has the sole purpose of improving the organizational practices, reducing the errors and providing a clear guidance, for the team members. Even though it has been here for a long time, business communication improved a lot in the last decades. That's why, today, we can identify a series of business communication types, suitable for different circumstances.

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Part 2. Types of Business Communication

Depending on every particular enterprise, several business communication methods have been implemented. These methods share some common patterns, but they come with different styles of delivering the information. The most common types of business communication are:

- Electronic (Online Communication)

Electronic communication is no longer at its experimental status, and it's soon expected to become a standard when it comes to business interaction. Despite other forms of business communication, online business communication manages to offer all the advantages of the previously mentioned methods, and even more. With electronic communication, the information will be delivered faster, in a more accurate manner and it will not be dependent on the location of the interlocutor. For a more qualitative online business communication, it's strongly advisable to use an advanced platform, which will give you access to a suite of useful tools.

ezTalks Meetings is one such software, and it manages to bring your whole team together in a few seconds, no matter their physical location. With this software, the meetings will be more productive, and all the participants will have the chance to interact with each other. Once you've hosted a meeting, any person can receive an invitation and join that meeting with just a device (mobile or static) and an internet connection. Thanks to the Cloud Storage feature, any meeting can be recorded and reviewed by the participants, in case they have some misunderstandings. Also, this feature allows you to share any presentation, technical document, business plan and other forms of written document, in just a matter of seconds.

- Verbal

This is the oldest form of business communication, but it still remains popular. This interaction method includes live meetings, face-to-face interviews, personal task assignments, and some other related methods. There are some people who consider verbal communication as the best form of business communication, because of its simplicity and its direct interaction between the participants. The human interaction allows the manager to observe its team and to examine any form of nonverbal communication. On a negative note, verbal communication is highly dependent on the physical presence of all participants, and sometimes, this can be hard to achieve. Verbal communication often leads to misunderstandings, and the participants tend to forget or misinterpret some of the debated issues. That's why, when it comes to sensitive topics, many team-leaders use another form of business communication.

- Written

Written communication is considered to be more concise and more explanatory. It consists of formal letters, official memos, posters, flyer templates, and everything that comes written on a paper. Written business communication is also used for more complicated assignments, where some additional instructions are necessary. The technical departments are often using this form of interaction, to exchange clear information, with no room for error. Also, it is used for any legal situation, like formal notices and labor contracts. Still, written business communication is considered by many entrepreneurs an obsolete method, and it's mostly being used for legal situations. The technological progress granted us a new communication method, which seems to stand above all.

Part 3. Importance of Business Communication

Lack of communication has lost wars. This old saying applies in the business environment as well, and without a proper interaction between the team, a whole business strategy might get ruined. In this context, communication can ensure a better development of the ongoing projects, keep the employees engaged and allow them to understand their tasks. Still, an effective message means nothing if it's not delivered in time. That's why, many enterprises switch to business communication online, because of its accuracy and processing speed. Having an effective business communication with the exterior partners will grant you a fruitful partnership and a better collaboration.


Business communication might be a complicated concept, but it can bring many satisfactions for any enterprise. When a company chooses the most suitable communication form, it will benefit from better inter-departmental relations, faster execution and more clarity, inside the team. Choose your favorite form of business communication today, and get ready to improve your company's development.