What Is Staff Training?

In today's competitive environment everyone has to enhance his/her skills to compete with others. Most of the companies today either want to employ most qualified staff or train their existing staff to make them competent to face the competition, to remain ahead of their competitors. But a question arises what is staff training?

Staff training definition

You can define staff training as the training process of the training of the existing staff of a company that can be beneficial for both, productivity of the company and the growth of the staff. Staff training can be done due to various other reasons also like improvement of performance and overall professional development of the staff. In this way, staff training offers a number of benefits for both the employer as well as the employees.

Benefits of staff training

Make the economy operational: Trained staff can use the resources and equipment in more economic manner by reducing their wastage. It will also reduce the rate of damages and accidents to the equipment and machinery which will ultimately reduce per unit cost of production.

Improve productivity: The productivity and quality of the product can be improved in an organization by employing trained staff instead of untrained staff. The performance of the staff in any field can be I proved with proper training. The output of a business can experience qualitative as well as quantitative boost just by improving the skills of its staff through training program.

Regularity in processes: A staff training program can enable the employees to use standardized methods of working available to them at their workplace. It will also increase the level of their performance more than their expectations.

Lesser control: Well trained staff needs lesser supervision as they become more responsible for their duties. Though the need of supervision cannot be eliminated after training but the need of constant supervision can be reduced to a considerable level.

Systematic use of skills: After attending a formal training program staff members can easily reach the required level of performance without wasting time on observing other or learning things through trial and error methods.

Keeping record of skills: It can be difficult for a company to find out entirely new skills for any project. By providing training to its staff the company can have the record of their skills so that it can use them accordingly, whenever required. Moreover, it is beneficial for the company to select some of the employees from its existing staff and train them rather than employing new skilled employees.

Higher moral level: After getting formal training the level of moral of the employees also increase as now they can support the activities of the organization more efficiently and can be more loyal and cooperative to the organization. A formal training can also reduce the level of complaints, dissatisfaction and absence of the employees.

Introduction of online staff training

According to the definition of staff training, the training should be provided by the company in its premises. Though companies can improve their productivity by improving the skills of their staff but it is not possible in today's globalized economy where companies have their branches dispersed all over the world.

In such condition, many companies have started giving online training to their staff members to improve their potentials. They have started investing in online conferencing software tools or video conferencing tools like ezTalks Meetings etc. for this purpose. By using these software tools, the staff members need not go personally to the training center but join these training programs online. They can get training just by gathering at their local office and get connected with HD quality video conferencing tools to start taking training.

Though various video conferencing software tools are used by many companies these days for training their remotely placed staff but ezTalks Meetings is considered to be the most popular of them all. Main reason of its popularity can be its trendy interface and easy to use features. It can be used ideally for hosting conferences and seminars for the purpose of training remote staff. So, you can use this software anywhere and anytime to start training your staff. Information provided here under will allow you to know how to use ezTalks Meetings for training staff online.Picture source from pnglot, netclipart, clipartwiki.

Using ezTalks Meetings for online staff training

ezTalks Meetings offers the options of audio and video conferencing for interacting with the staff seamlessly. This online conferencing tool can be run on any device including Windows, Mac iOS and Android. It allows you to interact with up to 100 staff members for free in a single session. Along with it, this software solution also allows you to use its reminder option to schedule, reschedule and even cancel the online training sessions. It also allows you to use its recording feature to record the entire training session digitally so that it can be used for references in future.