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A complete online SMS/MMS messaging service that enables you to quickly and cost-effectively send texts online from the web to anywhere in the world.

Why customers choose
eztalks SMS messaging service

Text messages online

Send SMS/MMS messages online to your staff and customers with virtual phone numbers. No sim card needs!

Send bulk SMS & MMS online

An online messaging solution that enables you to quickly and cost-effectively send bulk SMS and MMS messages for business marketing campaigns and product updates.

Two-way SMS chats

Send and receive instant text messages with our online SMS chats. It is perfect for remote communication with staff and customers 1 v 1.

Virtual phone numbers

With a dedicated number for your business, you can forward incoming calls and receive text messages from anyone.

SMS marketing groups

Improve your SMS engagement by segmenting all your contacts into different groups and lists.

Schedule text Message

Schedule SMS reminders, alerts, marketing campaigns, and notifications online to be sent when needed—sending messages confidently!

Attachment for SMS & MMS

If you need to send more information to staff and customers, you can attach any files, including images, video, Word, and PDF files.

Message templates

Create different templates in advance, and send messages with templates more efficiently.

Create or import contacts

Upload from Excel or CSV file to import multiple contacts in batch– it only takes one minute to get started with your text messaging contacts list.

SMS opt-out management

Subscribers can text STOP to unsubscribe from your messages, allowing them to opt out anytime and reducing costs.

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