What Is Online Training?

In today’s technologically advanced work environment, most of the job seekers have to do some kind of online training to hone their skills according to the needs of their dream job. This type of training is used for wide range of jobs from recruitment in the military to a job with retailers and from college certification courses to diving safety certifications. These online courses are to be completed without actually attending a work environment.

online training

So, what is online training?

Online training is a teaching program available in the form of software to be installed on a computer to computing network to teach the learners. This program includes a part of teaching in the form of informal questionnaires, tests and final exams based on true or false, fill-in-the-blanks, easy type or multiple choice answers depending upon the type of software used. Some of the employers offer free online training to upgrade the skills of their employees for the benefit of their business. Some of the online training programs are based on videos, audios, animations or the combination of them all.

Role of video conferencing in improving online training

In order to connect people from all over the world with a live online training program, video conferencing is widely used these days. The fast growth of technology in the fields of education and business has improved the opportunities in online training development. Various video conferencing software options like ezTalks Meetings etc. are used by the instructors as the best online training tool to deliver lectures to a large number of their students located at remote locations. These great online training tools allow the students to attend these virtual online training classes live with crystal clear sound and full HD videos like an actual classroom.

Benefits of video conferencing in online training

Limitless learning opportunities: Video conferencing software used in online training programs allows them to train people globally without any restraint of time and location. The online training systems have become easily approachable to the students through video conferencing as they can attend virtual classes regardless of their location in the world.

Learning becomes a joint effort: The inclusion of video conferencing in the field of education has greatly changed the online training technologies by allowing the colleges and schools to online share their learning resources for the mutual benefit of remote students. They can also include the files of audio, video, images and texts in their lessons to help the remote students to understand the topics more easily. Certain video conferencing software options like ezTalks offer interactive whiteboards for this purpose.

Facility of virtual trips: Planning a field trip like traditional schools can consume the time and money of the learners as well as instructors. But online training programs take the students on virtual tours through video conferencing tools. They can get real time enjoyment of seeing live lab tests, see factory operations or explore a museum through these online courses. The enjoyment experienced by the online students will be similar to the enjoyment experienced by the students of traditional institutes.

Hassle free practice of new languages: video conferencing can provide a perfect platform to the remote students for online training free education about writing and speaking skills of any global language they want to learn. The seamless video conferencing connection provided by ezTalks Meetings allows you to discuss important concepts of the language with their instructors along with linking them up to the natives to learn more about their language.

Personalized learning: Online training programs usually follow more engaging and personalized mode of teaching in comparison to the traditional schools where only one-way presentations were used. The lessons are adjusted by the instructors as per the requirements of the students, in groups or individuals. A student can one-on-one interact with his instructor by using video conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings on his computer. In this way, online training enables the students to understand the topic better than ever.

Opportunity to record lessons: Along with providing the facility of attending real time virtual classes video conferencing software also allows the students to record their lessons to study them later on or after the class. This facility also allows the students to access the exact lessons, if they could not attend the live online training program. Students can also use recorded lessons as reference at the time of exams or while revising the lessons.


With the advancement of technologies, online training platforms are also growing at faster speed. Students can complete certain courses conveniently and flexibly by enrolling with these online training programs. The role of video conferencing systems cannot be ignored while considering the benefits of online training systems. Certain strong online meeting software options like ezTalks Meetings etc. can be adopted by the students and institutions both for seamless delivery of lessons remotely. It will also help in in-time covering the syllabus, completing the assignments and appearing in the exams. So a student can complete a diploma or degree course regardless of his location by joining a reliable online training platform.