The Best Online Meeting Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

If you are planning an online meeting for the first time,you might be looking for some virtual meeting facilitation tips to make it hassle-free and more productive. In the current conditions,you will find a number of the apps including the ezTalks cloud service to start the meeting in the real time with all the developed technologies.

In addition to the technologies,you need to follow some online meeting etiquette to make the collaborations more rewarding. If you are looking for some effective online meeting tips,you can go through the following article. This article will focus on some virtual team meeting etiquette that you can consider for your meetings.

Online Meeting Tips

In a virtual meeting,you can join a meeting from a different location. In fact,these meetings are designed to be attended by a team operating from the different locations. It can be held in the real time and the team members of the different locations can join the meetings without any difficulty. They can share the files,documents,and other important things required for the success of the meeting. Moreover,now many new technologies are coming up to make the process even easier.Do: Choose the right technology If you are planning for a virtual meeting,then make sure that you are using the right technology and the developed software that can be operated by all the team members easily from the different locations. No one would like to spend the time in settings and downloading. You need to choose a reliable and proven system such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting. Moreover,you need to test the video and microphone before starting the meeting. It is also suggested to join the meetings before the time to avoid the last time hassles.Don’t: Wear casual clothesEven if you attend the meetings from the comfort of your home,you need to be dressed up properly while joining your team through online collaboration tools. Besides,make sure that your table gives a decent impression. Avoid having multiple mugs and any other mess on the table.Don’t: Ignore lighting You will need a proper lighting for the clear pictures. Nothing will be worse than that if you are not visible to other participants. While planning for the lighting,you should focus more on the side lighting as it offers better clarity. You can also consider natural lights from the window. You can also use the overhead lights to brighten up the meeting room.Do: Make the camera setting proper Your camera needs to be positioned properly. It should not be too high or too low. Weird angles can be distracting during the virtual meetings. To place it properly,you can position it to your eye level or on the monitor depending on the requirement.Don’t: Open the irrelevant programs Before starting an online meeting,you need to close all the irrelevant programs including the email and the messengers. It will improve the overall quality of the meeting with the better sound. Besides,it will not cause an unnecessary distraction that you might have with the emails and instant messages. You just need to open the programs that you need for the smooth running of the meeting.Do: Set the goals of the meeting Virtual meetings are considered as the real-time solution. These are less time-consuming and more effective. Therefore,it is important to set the goal of the meeting to utilize the time in the best possible manner. Fix the meeting for a definite time period and make the agenda clear. That will help everyone to stay focused and to offer more productive result.Don’t: Set multiple goals While arranging a virtual meeting,your goal needs to be simple. Instead of focusing on the multiple tasks,you should talk about a particular subject and make sure that you are on the point until the end. It needs to be straightforward and simple. If you will start discussing multiple things,then the end result will be confusing and you might not be able to reach a conclusion.Do: Speak clearlyMake sure that you are audible to all the participants. Your voice needs to be clear. You do not need to use powerful languages. You will have to make it simple,audible,and clear. You will have to speak in a way that all the participants can get the points without any difficulty.The online virtual meeting offers more flexibility. It helps the team members to take a joint decision in the real time from the different locations. You just need to follow some basics to make it more effective and easy. You can follow a simple principle. You should behave like you are participating a face-to-face meeting.