Join by Telephone Call-in

ezTalks has released a brilliant feature which allows you to join an audio conference by telephone call-in. This feature is available on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Andriod. 

Part 1 Why you need Audio Conferencing?

Audio conferencing is useful in occasions where:

 1. there is no microphone or speaker on your computer

 2. there is no available smartphone to download the video conferencing app 

 3. there is no Internet connection on your computer/smartphone

Part 2 What telephone numbers are available?

ezTalks provides telephone numbers from United States, Cananda, United Kindom, Australia and more. There is no charge for hosting the audio conference and only toll-fees are needed for the attendees. Toll-free service will be coming soon.

Part 3 How to join an online conference by dailing a telephone number?

It is quite easy to join a meeting by telephone dailing in. The participants only need to dial the number provided by the host and enter the meeting ID. Click here to get the detailed steps about dialing a telephone number to join your audio conference.