8 Best Online Learning Programs Introduction

What Is Online Learning?

Online learning is a way of study for a qualification that is internationally recognized without necessarily attending the classes on campus. The main aim of online learning is to enable people who wish to continue with postgraduate studies to work and study at the same time, that is, to take care of other commitments. They are also known as distance learning programs since they can be done from any part of the world. Online programs in no way different from the on-campus programs in terms the workload and entry criteria. The only difference is the method of course delivery.

online learning

As an online student, you will:

Become a part of the online students’ community.
Have the ability to decide when studying is most convenient.
Be able to study in any part of the world as long as there is an internet connection.
Have full access to the institution’s support services.

How One Learns Through Online Education Programs

The programs are usually delivered in form of courses which the student can complete at a time convenient to you. Furthermore, the programs provide various opportunities whereby you get to interact with other students from all over the world. Different platforms include:

Discussion forums.
Virtual worlds.
Video streaming activities, for example through YouTube.
Virtual learning environment.

Technical Requirements for Online Education Programs

The major requirement for online programs is to have a computer with internet access. You are bound to be part of a wide network of students worldwide and therefore you should be free to interact with them through the online tutorials or even joint assignments.

8 Best or Free Online Learning Software and Programs

Some of the best online learning programs include:

1. ezTalks Meetings

This a video conference service which enables the people to communicate through either mobile phones or personal computers from any part of the world. Quality features include the fact that it comes in high definition and so participants can easily focus on the meeting at hand. Other features include:

A playback and recording option.
Screen sharing.
The number of meetings is not limited.
A meeting can host up to 100 people for free.
There is the use of whiteboard and co-annotation.
Availability of both private chat and group chat.

2. Articulate Storyline 360

This is an online software which enables the user to create e-Learning courses easily. Some of the features include:

Touchscreen support. While the e-learning is taking place, the learner can interact well with his course through swiping, dragging and pinching and zooming on their mobile devices.
The software integrates seamlessly meaning that a person can begin his course with the most high-quality assets in the online learning industry.
Easy interactivity. The software is user-friendly in that it is simple for beginners and significantly powerful for experts.

3. EduBrite

This platform provides training for not only learning institutions but also businesses. Its features include:

An online editor tool. This allows the users to create courses, quizzes, and surveys. Through this feature, one can also import Word documents and videos. Furthermore, the platform gives users the chance to generate reports and track activities.
The software has the ability to integrate with other programs like Google Maps. It can also be used in five languages.

4. LearningStone

It is a learning system in which users have the ability to set up workspaces with other users. Courses in this software include assignments, surveys, videos and calendar events. Its main feature is the recently added quizzes and tests.

5. Lectora Inspire

This software enables one to visual content that efficiently teaches all your learners. It also has the ability to publish content and therefore one can quickly distribute his content.

6. Schoox

This software enables companies to train their employees from anywhere. It is also readily available online and installation is quick. Schoox enables the user to create branded content such as images, videos, exams, documents, and lectures. Furthermore, the system has a drag and pulls option and so there is absolutely no need for the LMS admin.

7. ProClass

This software offers online registration for classes. It is primarily designed for training and learning institutes although it can be used in a business setting as well and even charity organizations. Some of its features include:

Allows students to register for training programs.
Enables students to make deposits, update their personal information and pay the balance.

Some of the free online learning software include:

8. Easygenerator

Apart from being free, this software requires no installation, no coding and it is also fully responsive. All the user has to do is create the content, come up with objective, design the course and finally publish your content.


The online education programs have a great innovation. The programs have made the world a global village by making communication so much easier.