How to send two-way SMS

Learn how to use eztalks Chats to send and receive SMS message with 1 to 1

eztalks SMS Chats is a Two-way chat channel. If you want to send 1-to-1 SMS messages, you could use this feature. You can create a new chat or reply to any incoming message with Chats.

All incoming messages will create 1 to 1 chats automatically. So, if you send bulk SMS through campaigns, and the customers replied your messages, you will see the 1-to-1 chats with customers. You can reply and chat with your customer directly and instantly with Chats.

Free phone numbers are limited for this feature. If you want to test sending an SMS message, please create an SMS campaign to send SMS messages. Click here to learn how to.

For the phone number you have bought, if you want to use Chats, you should go to the phone number configure page to enable Receiving SMS feature first. Click here to learn how to enable Receiving SMS feature.

How to use eztalks Chats

  1. Login to your eztalks account.

  2. Go to SMS on the left side, and click "Chats”.

  3. Click the "New Chat", in the pop-up window, you can select which number to send from and send to. You can also select from your "Contacts" list. Click the "Chat" button to start chatting.

  4. You can input text messages or import templates quickly. And you can also upload files as you need.

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