Cancel or release an eztalks number

Please note that releasing your phone numbers will result in deleting all SMS chat history and resetting any configurations, such as Email to SMS, which will be either deleted or restored to their default settings.

eztalks phone numbers are billed on a monthly or yearly basis. Unless you are actively using a number or you want to keep a number reserved for future use, you can reduce your costs by releasing your unused numbers. This guide explains the process.

Release a Phone Number via the Console

  1. Access the My Numbers page in Console.

  2. Choose the desired phone number you wish to release.

  3. Click the Setting icon and go to the phone number configuration page

  4. Click the Release number button at the bottom of the window.

  5. Confirm the release on the next screen by clicking Yes, release this number.

After Releasing a Phone Number

Once you release a number, it goes through a period of recycling and testing to make it look as good as new for the next owner. You can also reclaim the number in the Console within 10 days of the release. If you want to repurchase these numbers, contact us 10 days after release, and we will repurchase your number manually.

It is important to remember that numbers reclaimed to your account in this manner will have their billing cycles restarted. Essentially, you will need to repurchase the number.

Please know what you are doing before you release a number.

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